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Mother and Baby

Stop using Lush’s Sleepy Lotion on your baby until you have read this

Lush sleepy lotion

You know those days where you would try anything for a silent night? It seems mums are turning to this Sleepy Lotion from Lush as a miracle cure.

The lotion, made from oatmeal, almond oil, lavender, tonka bean and cocoa butter promises a good night’s sleep and earlier this week an Essex mum told the Daily Mail ‘I’d go as far to say the lotion is a miracle, especially for me as a working mum.’

Designed for adults, this limited-edition lotion has recently been brought back online and in stores following its success. We spoke to a representative from Lush and asked whether this perfumed product is suitable for use on a baby’ sensitive skin. Lush told Mother & Baby:

‘Lush makes all of its own product perfume and we follow the international fragrance guidelines when doing so, the perfume in Sleepy body lotion falls within all the recommended parameters of them.

As a general rule for babies we don’t think you should put any perfumed products on them under the age of six months.

Our advice to parents is to wear the lotion yourselves rather than applying it to your baby. However, you can use your own judgement in this instance.’

As a general rule for babies we don’t think you should put any perfumed products on them under the age of six months

We’d advise following Lush’s advice and not using the product on your baby under six months.

Have you tried the Lush Sleepy Lotion on your baby? Let us know in the comments below.



  • Tracylawrence - 23/08/2017 23:07

    Using Lush Sleepy on my 6 year old son to see if it will help him stay settled in his own bed all night

    • chrislutherk - 01/09/2017 19:53

      I am sharing my experience with my first son, I had so much trouble every night he will wake up and cry every one hours, I not slept continues more than one hour at night, When I consulted with doctor he said if the baby is not sleeping continues it will affect the nerves and brain and he ask to check one of the website for natural solution, I followed the scientific method and technique for few days, my baby slept continues without any problem, as a mother I am happy now, get the same product from here >>>