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No more lost toys thanks to this Richmond tracker

No more lost toys thanks to this Richmond tracker

We all know the trauma when your child loses their favourite teddy bear. 

Richmond, the sausage company, has conducted a survey about lost toys and found the following stats: 

  • 30% of parents said their child has a favourite toy
  • 83% of parents had a favourite toy as a child
  • 32% of parent still have their favourite toy from their own childhood
  • 32% said their child will take the toy along on family day trips and holidays
  • 70% of parents felt their child’s favourite toy is ‘part of the family’
  • 30% would take the chance to ‘chip' their child's favourite toy with a tracking device

But now lost toys can be found thanks to Richmond’s toy tracking chip, a small device that you attach to your child’s favourite toy. Download an app, then you’ll be able to track down missing bears and dolls with ease. 

Professor Bruce Hood, a cognitive scientist, comments; "We know that children form a strong bond with their childhood toys, this is important, but loss can also cause extreme distress. The toy-tracking chip that Richmond has developed will minimise situations where a child might loose their toy and ultimately, lower the amount of anxiety from parents around losing a toy."

To find out more about the Richmond Sausages and Chip campaign and how you can win a chip visit

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