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The perfect gift to grow with your little one

The perfect gift to grow with your little one

Are your friends and family celebrating the birth of your precious little one and looking for something more original to give than a teething ring or cuddly toy?

Tree or woodland dedications with the Woodland Trust are the perfect way to mark the exciting occasion of your new baby’s arrival.

When loved ones are stuck for a unique and meaningful gift that won’t be outgrown, broken, or packed away in the loft, tell them about Woodland Trust dedications.

Watch the seasons turn

They can dedicate in baby’s name as a newborn, a birthday gift or as a Christening or baby shower present.

The trees or area of woodland dedicated to your baby will grow and change with them as the years pass. You can visit and watch the seasons turn in a beautiful wood that’s free to visit whenever you choose.

Together you’ll make priceless memories that last a lifetime. Summer picnics in dappled sunlight; their first time jumping in muddy puddles on a wet spring day, kicking up leaves on a crisp autumn morning or hunting for twigs to give a snowman some arms.

Woods all over the UK

Dedications also directly support the Woodland Trust’s work with woods, trees and wildlife all over the UK. Trees and nature really need our help, and a dedication to your baby will do wonderful things for the environment and the birds, insects and mammals that call our woods home.

There are dozens of Woodland Trust woods with dedications available all over the UK, each with its own special, unique character. Choose from grand old ancient woodlands or newly planted sites that will grow with your child.

You could ask for an individual tree dedication in your little one’s name, or instead friends and family could team up and dedicate a larger area of woodland – maybe even with a bench or engraved marker post with their name on it.

Dedications pack

Dedications now come with a freshly designed new pack containing a beautiful commemorative certificate, detailed wood information sheet and a map so you can easily find your way around the wood.

Organising a dedication is so easy with the Woodland Trust. Their expert team can help and advise you on the best option for you – just give us a call on 0330 333 3300.

So when your friends and family ask you what you and your baby want let them give you a gift that will last a lifetime.

For more information call 0330 333 3300 or visit to dedicate now. 



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