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8 Toddler-Friendly Halloween Games

Halloween will be here before we know it, so if you’re not quite ready for the celebrations, we’ve got some suggestions of the best games to play with your tots

Get those pumpkins carved, the kindling for the bonfire piled up and the decorations put up – Halloween is almost here. And although it’s an American holiday, it’s a great opportunity to have some great family fun with your kids and we’ve got some brilliant game suggestions that your toddler will love.

1. Pin the nose on the pumpkin

This is just like Pin The Tail On The Donkey but replace the donkey with a pumpkin. Simple, but effective. Replace the pin with a sticker, for safety reasons.

2. Ghost bowling

Wrap some paper around some skittles and draw ghostly faces on them. Split up into two teams and see who can knock the most skittles down – it’s a great one to boost your toddler’s co-ordination skills and is lots of fun. Just move anything fragile out of harm’s way…

3. Pumpkin drawing

As giving your toddler a carving knife probably isn’t the cleverest idea, hand him a crayon or washable felt tip pen to go crazy with instead. The whole family can get involved with a prize for the most creative design.

4. Mummy making

If you can face cleaning up the mess afterwards, a mummy making game is great fun. It basically involves a race as to who can wrap each other up in toilet roll the fastest, without the paper breaking. Hint: work from the feet and wrap upwards.

5. Pumpkin hunt

Hide a few pumpkin around the house and garden and set your tot the challenge of finding them all. You can even create some (obvious) clues to help him along his way, or perhaps a map with some treasure at the end.

6. Ghouls and ghosts dress up

What does your toddler love more than dressing up? Not much. Which is why one of the best games you can offer him is just a huge chest filled with dressing up options to go crazy with.

7. Broomstick race

Split into teams and see who can race on a broom from one end of the garden to the other the fastest. Throw in a few capes and some witches hats for added effect.

8. Bobbing for creepy crawlies

Fill a bucket with water and throw in some (fake) creepy crawlies that your toddler can catch – you can them count them together and award prizes. 

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