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How To Celebrate Halloween With Toddlers

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to get your creep on. Here’s some mumspiration on how to do the spookiest time of the year with your little ones...

Fancy Dress

It wouldn’t be Halloween without spooky costumes. Which is why one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween with your toddler is offering him a huge chest filled with dressing up options to go crazy with.

Dress The Mummy (Literally)

DISCLAIMER: You’ll need lots of loo roll for this! Let your toddler run riot with the paper, wrapping it around you like a mummy.  If there are other mums with you, get their kids to do the same and the child to wrap their mum the quickest wins!

Beastly Biscuits

Forget baking cakes or buying bags of sweets for the trick or treaters – invest in some icing and get your toddler to decorate some Halloween inspired biscuits.

Pumpkin Hunt

Hide a few pumpkins around the house and garden and set your tot the challenge of finding them all. You can even create some (obvious) clues to help him along, or perhaps a map with some treasure or treats at the end.

Trick Or Treat?

If it’s your toddler’s first Halloween, stick to family and friend’s homes so that your little ones are familiar with their surroundings. Avoid households that don’t want to take part –  as a general rule, if houses are decorated or have a pumpkin in the window they’re usually up for little visitors.

Ghost Drawings

Getting your tot to help you with the pumpkin carving probably isn’t the smartest idea. Instead, give him a crayon or washable felt tip pen to go crazy with. Encourage him to draw a ghost or ghoul and help develop his imagination.

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