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What To Expect When Taking Your Toddler To See Santa

You may think that taking your toddler to see Santa is a dream come true, you’ve just got to make sure it doesn’t get scary and overwhelming

Nothing gets you in the festive mood more taking your child to visit Santa as his grotto. Only thing is, you need to make sure your tot will come away feeling exactly the same. 

So what are the dos and don’ts of taking your tot to see Santa?

Do wait until your toddler’s old enough

As much as you may want your toddler to get swept up in the festivity of the season, there’s no sense in taking him to see Santa if he’s too young to appreciate it. It could scare him and may put him off going when he is old enough to enjoy it.

Use your own judgement to gauge when it’s the right year for your child – probably when he’s around two and a half to three years old. Basically, when he starts asking for presents!

Do be prepared to queue…

And avoid the busiest times such as a Saturday. Make sure your toddler’s gone to the toilet before you start queuing and have some water and snacks with you just in case it takes longer than you anticipated. Having a game in mind to play will keep him amused, too. A simple game of ‘I Spy’ work.

As much as we all know Santa is real, there is a tiny chance he may have sent his lookalike. With a fake beard.

Don’t let your child out of your sight

It can get pretty busy around Santa’s grotto with kids getting overexcited about the festive season. 

If you’re taking more than one tot with you, it might be a good idea to enlist the help of a friend of grandparent so you can hold the hand of one child. 

Do be prepared for Santa’s true identity to be revealed

As much as we all know Santa is real, there is a tiny chance he may have sent his lookalike. With a fake beard.

So, if you take your tot to visit a Santa and he does pull on his beard it could well be whipped off leaving you with some explaining to do…

Don’t force your toddler to sit on Santa’s lap

A lot of toddlers don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap – he is a complete stranger after all. Instead, why not let your toddler sit on your lap, next to Santa? Your toddler will still be able to speak to Santa, while feeling secure. 

Don’t let your toddler overdose on sugar

Visiting Santa tends to come hand in hand with plenty of sweets – candy canes and chocolate coins are the usual culprits.

While there’s nothing wrong with allowing your toddler a treat, try to make sure he doesn’t over indulge or you may be dealing with a hyper tot later in the day – and getting him to settle at bedtime might prove tricky.

Santa may seem like the nicest man in the world to some children, but to others a man in a red suit and a big white beard can be a little intimidating

Do leave if your child gets upset

Santa may seem like the nicest man in the world to some children, but to others a man in a red suit and a big white beard can be a little intimidating.

If your toddler does get upset and wants to leave, take it in your stride – even if it means you didn’t get that perfect photo that you were hoping to send to the relatives. There’s always next year.

Do have a backup plan

If you want to avoid all of the madness, queues and sugar-pumped children (and adults) a new service may be the answer to your prayers.
You can now rent a Santa to visit your home or your toddler’s nursery – and he’ll even bring one of his elves along and read your child his favourite Christmas story.

Otherwise, there’s always the option of persuading your partner to head to the local fancy dress shop and hire a Santa costume…

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