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The Top 50 Baby Girl Names for 2017

Section: Girls baby names

Whether you're pregnant and looking for baby name inspiration or want to check how popular your little one's name is, we've got the top 50 baby girl names to choose from. Published by the Office for National Statistics, the list looked at all babies registered in England and Wales and came up with this list.

  1. AMELIA - This name derives from old Germanic word 'amal' meaning 'work', 'ferilte', and 'industrious'.
  2. OLIVIA - No surprise here, this name means 'olive' and has been around in England since 13th century.
  3. EMILY - Endearing as it sounds, it actually is most likely to mean 'rival'. Was fourth in 2014 but swaps places with…
  4. ISLA - Once again, like you guessed, it means 'island'. A very popular name in Scotland where it originated from.
  5. AVA  - The Biblical meaning of this name is 'iniquity'. However, there is also a Persian background, meaning 'sound' and 'voice'.
  6. ELLA - Abbreviation of Ellen and Eleanor, both meaning ‘beautiful fairy’. Jumps 10 places from the 2014 list.
  7. JESSICA - This name seems to have been by Shakespeare for the character of Shylock's daughter in The Merchant of Venice.
  8. ISABELLA  - In most languages, this one means 'devoted to God'.
  9. MIA - It's common to think that has to do with Italian word for 'mine', but actually it first came as a short for ancient Hebrew name Miriam which probably means 'beloved'.
  10. POPPY - We don't need to tell you what it means, do we?
  11. SOPHIE - This name means 'wisdom'.
  12. SOPHIA - Same as Sophie, but slightly firmer-sounding.
  13. LILY - One of the most loved flower names across the world.
  14. GRACE - Originally, this name referred to divine grace.
  15. EVIE - Diminutive from 'Eve'. The name of the first Biblical woman means 'life' or 'living one'.
  16. SCARLETT - One meaning is that deep red colour, the other stands for a fine woollen cloth.
  17. RUBY - As you know, ruby is a beautiful red gemstone. What you may not know, in Latin it means 'red'.
  18. CHLOE - It’s one of the names of Demeter, a Greek goddess of green foliage.
  19. ISABELLE  - In Hebrew this one means ‘devoted to God’.
  20. DAISY – a lovely flowery name, that comes from words ‘day’s eye’.
  21. FREYA – That’s a name of Scandinavian goddess of love. Also, in German related  word Frau means ‘lady’.
  22. PHOEBE – Another name of Artemis, the goddess of moon. In Greek, it means ‘bright’.
  23. FLORENCE – Not only it links to a beautiful Italian city, but also means ‘prosperous’.
  24. ALICE – Surprisingly, this one traces all the way back to Adalhaidis, an old Geramnic name meaning ‘of noble descent’.
  25. CHARLOTTE – A French one, female diminutive of Charles. Since Charles stands for a free man, this could mean ‘free woman’.
  26. SIENNA – Comes from a name of a central Italian city, which in turn, comes from an orange clay the city used to produce.
  27. MATILDA - Comes from Old German and means ‘powerful in a battle’.
  28. EVELYN – Interestingly, the meanings vary between ‘life’, ‘uncertain’, and ‘beautiful little bird’.
  29. EVA  – It literally means ‘giver of life’ and, of course, links to the first Biblical woman.
  30. MILLIE  – A diminutive from Millicent, it has several meanings from different languages, including ‘strong’, ‘ambitious’, ‘industrious’ and even ‘a thousand sands’.
  31. SOFIA – Nicely and easily, this name means ‘wisdom’.
  32. LUCY – in all languages this name is deemed to come from, it means ‘light’.
  33. ELSIE  – It means ‘My God is a vow’.
  34. IMOGEN – It has Gaelic background and means ‘maiden’.
  35. LAYLA – It derives from Arabic Leila, meaning night, dark beauty.
  36. ROSIE – A classic and elegant flowery name.
  37. MAYA – It refers to ancient South American civilisations.
  38. ESME – you probably didn’t know, but Esme originally was a boy name. Either way, it comes from a French word for ‘loved’. Up from number 50 on the list for 2014.
  39. ELIZABETH – Just like Elsie, it means ‘God is my vow’ or ‘promised of God’.
  40. LOLA – A pet version of Dolores, which means ‘sorrow’. It refers to seven sorrow of St. Mary.
  41. WILLOW - English, from the tree of the same name. Also a cult 1980s film starring  Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis.
  42. IVY - From the plant of the same name. 
  43. ERIN – Comes from Ireland, means ‘from Ireland’.
  44. HOLLY – It’s taken from and evergreen tree used for Christmas decorations.
  45. EMILIA - Latin, meaning ‘rival, eager’. 
  46. MOLLY – A diminutive form of Mary.
  47. ELLIE – Surprise, this name means ‘My God’.
  48. JASMINE – A name of Persian background, it refers to a specific tropical flower.
  49. ELIZA  – Derived from Elizabeth, it bears the same meaning.
  50. LILLY – Another lovely flower name that doesn’t lose its popularity.


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    Can't believe Evelyn is there My neice named her baby Esmay -(Esme)

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