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The Top 100 Baby Names for 2017

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Top 100 baby names

You always know when you’ve found ‘the one’ – man, wedding dress and name for your baby. Unlike the colour of the nursery, or the pram you choose, your baby’s name is definitely something you want to get right, but how do you pick the perfect one? To help you with your big decision, we’ve taken a look at the top baby names of 2017 (so far!), the predicted risers this year and what they all mean.

Popular girl’s names for 2017


  1. ISABELLA - A name that has been increasing in popularity for the past few years, Isabella is a variation of the more traditional Elizabeth, meaning ‘devoted to God’. Don’t let the popularity put you off, you could always shorten to Bella or Izzy.
  2. OLIVIA - An elaboration of Olive, Olivia means ‘olive tree’. Naming your baby after a symbol of peace is never a bad idea and if you get a surprise on the day, Oliver is also in the 2017 popular boy’s names list.
  3. EMMA - A name we’ve loved since Rachel and Ross in Friends, Emma remains top of the popular list in 2017. An English name meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.
  4. AVA - Reese Witherspoon recently posted selfies with her lookalike daughter Ava and the world went mad (for the selfies and the name). Meaning ‘bird’, it was made popular by the wonderful Ava Gardener.
  5. MIA - If it’s good enough for Kate Winslet, it’s good enough for us. A short version of Maria, meaning ‘wished for child’, this Latin name was made popular by American actress and model, Mia Farrow.
  6. HARPER - Whether it’s Harper Lee, or Harper Beckham that put this name on the popular list, it’s stuck. Originally a last name given to someone who played the harp, this could be the perfect name if you hope to raise a mini-musician.
  7. AMELIA - Popular in many different languages, in English, Amelia is a variant of Amalia, meaning ‘work’. With industrious connotations, your Amelia could be the top of the class in no time!
  8. EMILY - Maybe it was Emily Blunt’s appearance in the recent Blockbuster ‘The Girl on the Train’, or fans of Emily Brontë that have kept the name in the popular list. Meaning ‘striving’ and ‘eager’, the name has been popular since the 20th Century and isn’t showing any signs of stopping.
  9. ELLA - Meaning ‘light’, Ella is often a shortened version of Eleanor or Ellen. Rest assured, if you pick this as a name for your little one, you’ll have a Cinderella fan for life.
  10. ABIGAIL - A popular name meaning ‘the father’s joy’, she’ll be a daddy’s girl in no time! With a vintage charm, Abigail is a name with biblical routes, and is often shortened to Abi.
  11. BEA - A short version of Beatrice, this super-cute name means ‘she who brings happiness’. It’s pretty unusual too, so she’ll probably be the only Bea in the class!
  12. INES - Back on the popular list after Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively named their second daughter Ines, this beautiful name means ‘pure’ and ‘virginal’.
  13. AVERY - This unisex name has been around for a long time, but is currently on the rise. Meaning ‘ruler of the elves’, this vintage name is an alternative to the also popular, Ava.
  14. SCARLETT - With Scarlett Johansson giving this name all the glamour it deserves, Scarlett is set to be a popular choice this year. Meaning ‘red’, the name is commonly spelt with one or two t’s.
  15. CHARLOTTE - Princess Charlotte may only be coming up to her second birthday, but she’s already causing a stir. This already popular name saw a spike in the last couple of years, meaning ‘free-man’, it’s now got the royal stamp of approval too.
  16. ARIA - Arya Stark, the ultimate heroine in the Game of Thrones may be one reason why Aria is now back on the popular list, but it’s steadily been rising for years. Meaning ‘air’ and ‘lioness’, you’ll have a little warrior in your midst.
  17. DARCEY - Made popular by English ballerina Darcey Bussell and fans of Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy, the name means ‘dark one’, ‘from the Arcy’ or ‘from the fortress’.
  18. POPPY - Meaning ‘from the flower’, Poppy is rising in popularity. Often chosen for little girls born around Remembrance Day, famous Poppy’s include supermodel Cara Delevigne’s sister and Jamie Oliver’s daughter Poppy Honey Oliver.
  19. SOPHIE - Meaning ‘wisdom’, Sophie is another version of the Greek name Sophia. Frequently appearing on popular baby-names lists, Sophie is thought to be a lively, yet down to earth kind of girl.
  20. GRACE - Rising in popularity once again, Grace is a simple English name, meaning ‘God’s favour’. Chosen by celebs such as Mark Wahlberg and made famous by the beautiful Grace Kelly, this name looks set to rise this year.
  21. LUNA - If Chrissy Teigan and John Legend’s snaps of daughter Luna’s first Halloween dress up didn’t put the name on the map, Harry Potter did. Rising in popularity over the past few years, this cute name means ‘moon’.
  22. PENELOPE - With glamorous connotations thanks to the beautiful Penelope Cruz, this original Greek name means ‘weaver’.
  23. LILY - Another beautiful English flower name, the Lily is a symbol of purity and innocence in Christianity. With a famous celebrity fan base including Johnny Depp, Kate Beckinsale and Harry Potter.  
  24. CHLOE - A springtime name meaning ‘young green shoot’, Chloe symbolises new growth. The Kardashians have helped make alternative spelling Khloe popular too.
  25. LAYLA - Last, but certainly not least, the beautiful name Layla, meaning ‘night’ is raising in popularity again. Alternative spellings include Leila

Popular boy's names for 2017


  1. NOAH - Could it be Ryan Gosling’s appearance in the smash-hit 'La La Land' that has tipped Noah to the top of the charts yet again? Meaning ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’, this is also a popular biblical name, after Noah builds an ark in the Old Testament, saving animals from a flood.
  2. HARRY - We’ve got Princess Diana to thank for putting Harry back on the map, but in recent years, thanks to Harry Potter and Harry Styles, the name has continued to grow in popularity. Meaning ‘estate ruler’, you can rest assured your little Harry will have a favourite bedtime story and fancy dress costume for years to come!
  3. OLIVER - Meaning ‘olive tree’, Oliver is thought to be energetic and good natured. A popular choice for years, this has seen another spike this year.
  4. JACK - A name that has been famous ever since Jack and Jill walked up the hill, for a long time, Jack was a diminutive of the name John. Meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  5. CHARLIE - Also a popular girls name, Charlie is a shortened version of Charles, meaning ‘free man’. A friendly, tomboyish name, the name has been jumping up in popularity since 2005.
  6. JAMES - A traditional, biblical, royal name, James is making a comeback this year. Meaning ‘one who follows’, famous James’ include James Corden, James McAvoy and James Bond.
  7. OSCAR - Whether you hope you little Oscar becomes a great writer (Oscar Wilde) or a great designer (Oscar de la Renta), we’re sure he’ll live up to his name. Meaning ‘champion warrior’, according to Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors who ever lived.
  8. GEORGE - Not only is Prince George a three-year-old fashion icon, he’s made his own name more popular than it ever has been. Meaning ‘farmer’, George is a solid, strong and royal choice.
  9. LEO - Maybe it was Leonardo (‘Leo) Dicaprio finally winning that Oscar last year that put Leo back on the map, but it looks set to stay this year. Meaning ‘lion’, it’s said to represent power and courage. The name also has many biblical connotations.
  10. SULIEN - A rising name this year, Sulien means ‘sun born’ and is originally thought to be the name of the most learned man in Wales.
  11. ARLO - Unconventionally chosen by Leighton Meester and Adam Brody for their baby girl, this traditionally male name means ‘fortified hill’, or in other words, strengthened or protected.
  12. REGGIE - A diminutive of Reginald, this nickname is starting to become a popular name its own right. Meaning ‘counsel power’.
  13. ALBIE - A super-cute name, made popular by Harry Potter, Albie is a shortened version of Albert, Alban or Albus, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’.
  14. FINN - An old English name, originally meaning ‘blond’ this is the perfect name for your fair haired baby! In Irish mythology, Finn is a warrior with supernatural powers, remembered for his wisdom and generosity.
  15. ELIJAH - An old biblical name, meaning ‘Yahweh is God’, Elijah has been put back on the map in recent years by Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood.
  16. LUCAS - A nice alternative to the ever popular Luke, Lucas is a classic biblical name, meaning ‘light-giving’.
  17. BENJAMIN - The name chosen by Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, Benjamin is a traditional biblical name meaning ‘son of the right hand’. It is also often shortened to Ben.
  18. GABRIEL - Another biblical favourite, Gabriel has been popular for the past few years, meaning ‘God is my strength’. It’s rise in popularity could be down to celebrity fans including Mick Jagger, Daniel Day-Lewis and Mia Farrow.
  19. MATTHEW - A name that has been popular for as long as we’ve been making baby-name lists, Matthew means ‘gift from God’. In recent years, parents have started choosing alternative versions, such as Matthias and Mateo.
  20. LIAM - Originally a shortened version of William, for a long time we’ve thought of Liam as a name in its own right. Meaning ‘resolute protection’, famous Liam’s include Liam Neeson and for Oasis fans, Liam Gallagher.
  21. AIDEN - We love that Aiden means ‘little and fiery’. Set to rise again this year, hopefully his spirited nature won’t come out till he’s a little older!
  22. ETHAN - Meaning ‘strong’, ‘safe’ and ‘firm’, Ethan is often thought to be someone you can rely on. This is a popular choice for all those Tom Cruise fans out there!   
  23. JACOB - Thanks to the Twilight films, this traditional name has made a comeback in the past few years. Meaning ‘supplanter’, it’s popular for its connotations of honesty and warmth. Often shortened to Jake.
  24. ALEXANDER - Thanks to Alexander the Great, this is now thought of as a noble and mighty name, meaning ‘defending men’.
  25. WYATT - Set to rise in popularity this year, Wyatt, meaning ‘brave in war’, has been given a celebrity boost after being unconventionally chosen by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kuther as a name for their baby girl.

If none of these have made it onto your list, take a look at our Top 50 boys names and Top 50 girls names

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