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7 Ways Valentine’s Day Is Different Now You’re Parents

Romance takes on a whole new meaning when there’s a baby around – welcome to your new Valentine’s Day

You may be a hearts and flowers couple, or not overly bothered on the romance front. But chances are, having a baby has slightly changed the way you celebrate the big V-day (it’s this Friday – just in case you need to do a quick card dash).
Three doesn’t have to be a crowd, though. It’s time to do Valentine’s Day, parent style. 

1. You want to go to restaurants…

You know those people who say they’d never go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day? Too contrived, too busy, too full of couples.

Well, you’re no longer one of those people – nights out together are few and far between, after all.

*Mad dash to find a babysitter who doesn’t have a boyfriend*

2. But you’ll embrace a night in

If it involves an M&S ready meal and bottle of Prosecco. Total bliss – and the sofa’s 30 seconds away when your baby goes to bed. 

3. Gifts are all about ‘The Trade’

Forget him getting you underwear (although who actually does that, really?). You’ll have the Saturday lie-in while he goes to soft play, and then he’ll get breakfast in bed on Sunday. Deal.

4. Cards have an extra scribble

Your baby or toddler’s. Chances are the handwriting’s neater than your partner’s anyway. You may even get an extra card from your little one. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

5. You watch a (children’s) film

Pre-baby, you’d both make a case for your film choices – before compromising with a movie neither of you were really that fussed about. Now, there’s a third party that Thor and Crazy Stupid Love are just too old for. So, it’s Cars again.

6. Your toddler gets treated, too

The look on her face when dad gives her a flower sends you into a haze of Valentine’s spirit. Your insides turn to romantic mush as you watch the man you love being the most amazing dad. And then he spills his coffee all over her Tree Fu Tom toy. Nice one.

7. Chocolate etiquette

OK, this isn’t very different, but there always has to be chocolates, right? And after the way you yelled at him during labour, well, he’s not going near the praline truffles any time soon. 

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments box below.

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