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When it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenthood, it often feels like it all falls to you as a mum. But, what does your partner really think about everything bump and baby related?

Well ask yourself no more, because here at Mother&Baby we're grilling the nation's Dads for you. Enter former England rugby hunk Ben Cohen: Father to 5 year-old twins Hariette and Isabelle with his wife Abby. We get the low-down on all things baby through his eyes...

How he feels about pregnancy

It was a surprise but it was also about enjoying the moment and enjoying my wife’s pregnancy, our pregnancy and embracing the whole nine months.

How he feels about your body in pregnancy...

Later on during the pregnancy she struggled, obviously because of the sheer weight.  With two babies in there I would have to help turn her over, help her get out of the bath, things like that which you don’t expect to happen, but it’s all a new experience. She could balance a whole pint of water on the bump itself. It was amazing how her body changed. It was good; really, the whole experience was fantastic.

How he feels about you giving birth...

It was never going to be a natural birth due to Harriet, one of the little girls being turned and was lying in the wrong way so it was always going to be a c-section. It was strange and graphic, the whole process. Just one cut and a baby comes out, it was so quick!

How he feels about the first hold...

You just get given these two babies wrapped up and you’re like ‘right…. What do I do now?’

How he feels about changing nappies...

I don’t know what it would be like with other kids but I’m not interested in changing anybody else’s kid’s nappies. I’ve never wanted to watch or really be around it but they’re your kid’s and there you are just thinking ‘right… here goes’ and you don’t realise actually to that point of how many nappies you are going to change until they’re toilet trained, it must have been tens of thousands.

How he feels about taking time off work...

The first few months I wasn’t working, then I went to France, so I was at home all the time. I got to spend a lot of time with the girls and really bonded with the girls and their times are really important times that were invaluable, really. 

How he feels about daddy cuddle time...

Every day, still today, we always have a bit of a cuddle time in bed in the morning. I think that’s really important and especially as young kids to have that skin to skin contact and I think that is really, really important.

How he feels about bonding with his baby...

This is what I like about Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure cuddle mastery guide… When they approached me I saw data they gave us which is that 60% of men feel anxious with handling their baby. Maybe they feel a bit disconnected from their child in some way because they think it's a mum thing.

How he feels about you as a mama?...

I think seeing mother and child get their bond, I think is fantastic and you comfortable baby. Sometimes when she’s fine with mum and crying with Dad, it can be a bit frustrating. But when they’re it's Mum who has the knack. My wife was a fantastic, well she is a fantastic mum and she’s doing a great job.

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