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Simon Cowell Thinks Life ‘Isn’t Going To Change Too Much’ When His Baby Arrives

X Factor mogul Simon Cowell thinks becoming a father won’t cause much upheaval to his busy work schedule. Errr…

He’s due to become a father for the first time at the end of this month, but Simon Cowell has claimed that his life with a baby won’t be that different from how it is now.

It seems that Simon is taking quite a relaxed approach to how fatherhood will change his daily life.  Chatting at recent Britain’s Got Talent auditions, he said, ‘It hasn’t arrived yet but it’s not going to change too much. I got the dogs in first and had a good time with them. My dogs were definitely my test run.’ Quite.

Even so, Simon has said he has a private jet on standby while he’s doing the BGT auditions so he can rush to New York, where girlfriend Lauren Silverman is based, if she goes into labour.

"It hasn’t arrived yet but it’s not going to change too much"

‘I am keeping my phone on during auditions 100 percent. If it happens I just have to go and dash onto a plane,’ says Simon.

But fellow BGT judge, Amanda Holden, thinks workaholic Simon will be in for a bit of a shock when the baby finally arrives.

‘He keeps telling me all these plans he’s got, saying, “Oh I’m going to fly here and go there”, and I’m thinking, yeah, good luck with that, they’re just going to go to s***!”’

"I am keeping my phone on during auditions 100 percent. If it happens I just have to go and dash onto a plane"

And spare a thought for his girlfriend as the music mogul is still adamant he won’t help out with changing nappies.

‘I haven’t changed a nappy before and I won’t. I just can’t do it,’ says Simon.

Alesha ditches post-baby workouts

Meanwhile, BGT panellist and new mum Alesha Dixon, 35, says she didn’t feel under pressure to lose the baby weight before auditions started. She says she’s too busy looking after four-month-old daughter Azura to do daily workouts, and don't we know what she means.

And when it comes to coping with her first day as a working mum, Alesha wasn’t fazed.

‘Millions of women do it every day. I’m just taking it in my stride,’ she said.

What advice would you give to Simon Cowell on how fatherhood will really affect his daily life? Let us know in the comment box below.

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