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Mother and Baby

President Clinton and Richard Branson ‘in love’ with life as granddads

They may have immense power, fame and wealth, but Bill Clinton and Richard Branson are putty in the hands of their new grandkids

How nice to see world-class alpha males showing their softer side… and it’s all thanks to three tiny tots.

Taking a break from business and politics, Virgin’s Richard Branson and former US president Bill Clinton have given us a glimpse into their new roles as doting granddads.

‘I love it. Like every other grandparent, I think my granddaughter's the greatest thing since sliced bread,’ Clinton revealed on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show. Bill and wife Hilary – rumoured to declare her candidacy for president any day now – are enraptured with baby Charlotte, born last September to their daughter Chelsea.

And in true new-grandparent fashion, they’ve been seeing as much of the bub as they can, with Bill confessing that Chelsea hasn’t had to ‘discipline her over-exuberant parents… yet!’

Richard Branson’s also joined the Grandad Club, blogging this week about the ‘quality time’ he was spending with daughter Holly’s new twins Etta and Artie. 

Sharing a cute pic, he admitted that he had been trying to stop himself from ‘posting too many photos of our gorgeous new grandchildren, but like any proud granddad I can't resist!’

Share your grandparent stories with us. What were your parents’ reactions when baby arrived?

(Richard Branson Photo Credit: INSTAGRAM)
Bill Clinton is loving life as a granddad
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