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Mother and Baby

High Fives, Hypnobirthing And Heartbreak: On One Born Every Minute This Week…

Section: Labour & Birth
We go back to Southmead Maternity Unit in Bristol for the second episode of the sixth series. Whether you’ve already seen it or need a catch up, here’s a rundown of the funniest, most moving and emotional moments. Watch the next OBEM on Wednesday, 9pm on Channel 4.
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Cakes, make-up and wedding chat

‘When you come onto the labour ward, it’s not a testosterone driven world’, says anaesthetist Dr Tim. Cue shots of cake, Clinique and a midwife in wedding mode. Then later, it’s Dr T being sprayed with female deodorant. Image: OBEM
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Enter alpha male…

Meet personal trainer Rob, who is here with partner Sarah. Man in the building! Well, nearly – he forgets his wallet so it’s back to the car. Only one visitor allowed at that time, so Sarah asks him to stay and her mum to come back later, although she starts to change her mind as he falls asleep in a chair. Image: Channel 4
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Meet Kate and Ollie

Expectant couple number two, who already have a little boy called Woody. They met at a festival and are going for a second hypnobirth. Ollie is very hands-on, bringing out high-fives an Olympian would be proud of. Image: Channel 4
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A+ birth partner

Midwife Bridget talks about the concept of hypnobirthing and how she supports couples using the techniques. And adorable, calm Ollie coaches and helps Kate with breathing, giving her back rubs and encouragement. Can he be our antenatal teacher/personal trainer please? Image: Channel 4
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Dr Tim and his ear infection

‘I’ve never been through labour… I had an ear infection once.’ Sure, Dr Tim. Oh, we heart him. Image: Channel 4
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Go on Kate!

She’s over her birthing ball, progressing well and it’s time to push. Little India, 6lb 4oz, joins us and goes underneath mum to meet her parents. ‘It’s alright baby!’ laughs Kate, and then the look on Ollie’s face… That overwhelmed, delirious new-dad bliss. Priceless. Image: Channel 4
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Midwife Angeline’s reaction…

To Rob’s baby name choice of Zeus. Sarah wants Dexter. Actually can Rob be our PT please? ‘You’ll smash it out now,’ he tells Sarah. Go team! Image: Channel 4
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Time to be born

We see another side to Rob, hearing about his difficult background and battle with addiction. As the couple reflect on how different his life is now, Sarah says, ‘It does make me melt inside.’ Us, too! Soon, their little one is born, weighing 8lb 11oz. Meet Dexter… Zeus. Image: Channel 4
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Cod Almighty

BEST SHOP NAME EVER. And voted Bristol’s number one chippy, laugh Rachel and Marion – or Maz – who pass it en route to hospital. Maz is pregnant with twins through a sperm donor, and now the couple are seeing their obstetrician because their baby girl isn’t growing as well as her brother. In a heart-breaking scene, they’re told their babies will need to be delivered the next day. Image: Channel 4
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Holding a baby…

Dr Tim talks about his own twin girls, now 15, and about the emergency caesarean when they were born. He recalls being terrified, reflecting on what Maz and Rachel are about to go through. Image: Channel 4
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‘You’ve got me and I’ve got you’

A tearful Rachel tells Maz as she has her epidural for the section. ‘I like to think someone’s watching over the babies,’ Maz says, before her son and daughter are delivered and taken to special care. Image: Channel 4
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Time will tell

Meet Wilbert, 2lb 15oz, and Caitlin, 1lb 50z. The team explain that they’re keeping a close eye on both babies, as their parents sit by their incubators. Image: Channel 4
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Fast forward nine months…

Wilbert’s home – and Caitlin is too! ‘Now the madness begins because we’ve got our babies home,’ laugh Rachel and Marion, before revealing a Shakespeare quote that sums up their daughter – ‘Though she be but little she is fierce.’ And we’re crying again. Image: Channel 4
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