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The Best Pregnancy Apps You Need In Your Life

Not quite ready for your baby’s grand entrance in nine months time (or less!)? Don’t stress – the months may be flying by but you can save time, effort and your sanity with these clever apps - our pick of the best pregnancy apps available to download. They can track your pregnancy, your baby’s development and even help your partner, in just one click.    

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The Fitness App: Yoga Mama (£2.49)

Yoga is a brilliant pregnancy workout and this app guides you through safe and effective stretches, exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation methods to help prepare your mind and body for labour.
The Best Pregnancy Apps You Need In Your LifeExpand ImageThe Best Pregnancy Apps You Need In Your Life

The All-In-One App: What To Expert (Free)

From the makers of the popular pregnancy book What To Expect When You’re Expecting, this free app includes a lot of brilliant info. You can calculate your due date, view week-by-week pics of your growing baby and read pregnancy facts and tips.
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The Man App: m Pregnancy (69p)

Although you’re the one carrying your baby, it’s a good idea for your partner to get clued up everything, too. This app is brilliantly packed full of useful info in (OK, slightly clichéd!) ‘man speak’, comparing the current size of your baby to footballs and bottle caps and counting down to your due date with ‘free man’ days.
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The Shopping App: Babies “R” Us (Free)

Stock up on everything you need once your baby arrives with a shopping app like this one from Babies “R” Us. Shop for everything from pushchairs to bottles directly through this app or look up store locations and directions. Plus, share all of your new purchases with friends and family through the links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email.
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The Name App: 50,000 Baby Names (Free)

Can’t settle on the perfect name for your baby? This app allows you to browse 50,00 names, sorted by meaning, gender, origin and popularity. You can keep track of the names you like, send ideas to friends and family through the email feature and even make up your own suggestions to add to the database.
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The Drink App: 50+ Most Popular Mocktails App (£1.49)

While you may not be able to guzzle delicious cocktails temporarily, there’s no reason why you have to stick to water or juice for the next nine months. This app is filled with recipes for all kinds of mocktails, perfect for serving at your baby shower and sipping on at dinner parties.
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The Sleep App: eSleep Lite (Free)

If your sleep is somewhat disturbed now you’re pregnant, this app could solve all your problems. Bursting with music and mellow sounds to help you completely relax, you should drift off in no time. It even features a great white noise machine that may help your baby’s sleep when he or she arrives.
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The Baby Development App: Sprout (£2.99)

While you do need to pay for this app, we reckon it’s worth it. You can keep track of your doctor appointments, write to-do lists, keep an eye on your weight, time your contractions, check your baby’s milestones and receive helpful tips and medical advice.
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The Baby Kicks App: Baby Kicks (69p)

Keep track of your baby’s movements with this fun and free app that lets you count your baby’s kicks. Counting down, it records how long it takes your baby to kick 10 times and allows you to share this info with your GP or family and friends.
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The Nutrition App: Foods To Avoid When Pregnant (69p)

Instead of stressing about which foods you can and can’t eat now you’re pregnant, use this app. Split up into various categories, it’s quick and simple to find out if certain foods are safe.
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The Photo App: Instagram (Free)

If you haven’t already got Instagram, now’s the time to download it. Document your growing bump for your followers by taking photos on this app – and you can even use different effects and editing techniques to make each snap look as flattering as possible. Plus, you can use it to take pics of your baby once he arrives.
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The Baby Shower App: Baby Shower Planner (63p)

Take the stress out of planning your baby shower with this app. Plan and organise every detail of your shower with this simple-to-use checklist, boasting more than 100 items.
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The Hospital Bag App: BabyBag (Free)

This app helps you get ready for your baby’s arrival by customising checklists of the essentials you, your partner and your baby need for the hospital. Each ‘packlist’ has three tabs – your full list, the items packed and the items missing – and you can set clever reminders to make sure you’ve got everything ready in time.
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The Contraction App: Contraction Timer (Free)

Rather than trying to time your contractions yourself, use this app to keep track of how often they are, how long they last and how far apart they are.
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The Birth App: iBirth (£2.49)

Featuring lots of practical advice for pregnancy and birth, iBirth is a great go-to for information on nutrition, birth plans, pain relief and much more. There are even lots of videos you can watch on the best birthing positions and ways your partner can help during labour.

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  • JaneShue - 26/09/2015 10:30

    Great list. I wish I had some of these app when I was pregnant especially the "What To expect" app lol. Having had my beautiful daughter I now live with the CBB Baby Development Guide from Google Play it's just super -

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