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10 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant In Summer

You thought being pregnant in the summer would be a breeze, with all those stylish maxi dresses and a pregnancy glow that’ll have all your friends green with envy. But no…
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Being sober

There’s nothing like a glass of refreshing Pimms when the sun is shining. Oh wait, you’re pregnant and have to stick with squash…
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Your summer wardrobe no longer fits

You have to settle with looking longingly at all your pretty summer dresses from last year. Or try to get away with dresses that are just a bit too short now your bump's out.
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The heat is only heightening your desire to puke into the nearest recycling bin at work.
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You’d love to join your mates camping at Glasto, but the idea of using navigating your way to a Portaloo every five minutes isn’t your idea of fun.
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Bad tan lines

Having a large beach ball of a bump on your front makes sunbathing a bit of a logistic nightmare, especially when it comes to tanning your back. Spray tan it is…
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Being crushed like a sardine in a packed bus or train in summer is hell enough as it is, let alone when you’re having a hot flush and feel twice your normal size. Oh and when everyone seems oblivious to the 'bump on board' badge.
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Big boobs

You’d love to wear your favourite maxi dress, but it looks like you’re smuggling melons in your bra.
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Swollen feet

Your favourite strappy sandals are looking very neglected in your wardrobe. Flip flops are as dressy as it gets.
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Not only do you have to contend with trying to get comfy with your bump, but the summer humidity too (not to mention the noisy neighbours having a BBQ till 3am).
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What babymoon?

Instead of sunning yourself on a beach with a mocktail in hand, you’re saving your pennies for the new nursery. And mountains of nappies.
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