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10 Responses To Swerve The Pregnancy Rumours

Trying to keep your pregnancy a secret for as long as possible, and noticed one to many lingering looks on your growing tum and bum? We’ve got some great responses to swerve attention away from the fact you’re expecting…
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‘It’s my new BB cream’

You’ve been getting loads of comments on your lovely glow – but it’s definitely just down to your lovely new BB cream...
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‘I’m not feeling up to a night out’

You can’t possibly join your mates for Saturday's night out due to your throbbing migraine/upset stomach/flu (delete as appropriate).
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‘Black is back’

What you tell everyone when they ask you why you’re wearing a black shift dress on a scorching summer’s day.
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‘I’ve caught that virus that’s going around’

Yep, that virus going round is what caused you to throw up mid-meeting in the bin (let’s just hope they’re not counting how many days it’s lasted).
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‘I haven’t been to the gym in ages

Never say no to scoffing cake when you’re around your colleagues and friends – they might just think you’ve put on a little weight on.
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‘A seat?’ *How dare you!*

You’re perfectly happy standing thank you very much (cue longing eyes at said seat for the remainder of the journey).
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‘Yes, it’s a vodka orange’

(No it’s not…you’ve mastered the sneaky drink swap. Thank you Mr Barman *wink*).
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‘I’m on a water detox’

Your new health kick is to drink more water – hence why you’re going to the toilet every five minutes.
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‘I haven’t been sleeping well’

Yep, that’s why you struggle to get up off your chair – you’re just that tired...
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‘Yes, but look at my HAIR!’

There’s nothing like a brand new haircut to swerve people’s attention away from your waistline – and the bigger the better. A perm it is then…
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