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Mother and Baby

32 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

32 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

At a glance:

  • Your baby's putting on weight
  • Getting clumsy?
  • Dress rehearsal

What’s happening to your baby

During the next seven weeks, your baby will gain a third to half of her birth weight. She’s even more acrobatic and may have turned herself into a head first position by now – although she still could flip around a fair bit before you give birth. There’s still about one and a half litres of amniotic fluid aiding your baby’s somersaults – but this will decrease as her size increases. At the moment she’s nearly 2kg (3-4 and a half pounds) and she’s 45cm (18 inches) in length.

What’s happening to you

We’ve heard of 'baby brain' – but what about baby-induced clumsiness? Thanks to hormonal changes which have loosened your joints and ligaments as well as your changed centre of gravity not to mention that you’re carrying roughly four pounds of baby, you might find you’re bumping into things and tripping over a lot. So step away from those sexy stillies and wobbly wedges. You might also find that your bub’s elbows or toes start poking you in the ribs, too. To try and get her to move, lie on your side or change positions and hope she takes the hint!

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What you may consider doing

Now’s the time to run through everything regarding your delivery with your other half. Map out two different travel routes to the hospital, too (and do test a couple of times to time them). And, if you’re not having a home birth, check to see if your antenatal class will give you a tour of the hospital. If not, then make sure you organise this yourself – and familiarise yourself with the admission procedures you will have to go through when your labour commences. The more prepped you are, the more confident you’ll feel.

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What symptoms did you get at 32 weeks? Comment below!

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Image courtesy of Your Pregnancy Day-By-Day by Professor Stuart Campbell, published by Carroll & Brown, £9.99

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