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Mother and Baby

35 Weeks Pregnant – What You Need to Know

35 Weeks Pregnant – What You Need to Know

At a glance:

  • Pushy baby
  • Your birth options
  • Calm your fears

What’s happening to your baby

Now there’s less room to move around, your little one might actually start to push rather than kick. And if she does, you may even be able to see a teeny weeny foot imprint through your bump. Now she’s so close to being a fully functioning little human being, she’ll spend most of the rest of your pregnancy putting on weight.

What’s happening to you

Your blood pressure will be checked regularly by your doctor/midwife. If they find it’s getting higher, they’ll advise you to rest a lot more – and maybe even do more tests – because they want to prevent pre-eclampsia. This could also be the time when some women are advised they may need a Caesarean – in fact, one in five births in the UK are done this way. It could be because of concerns about the position/safety of the baby (for instance, if it’s breech) or because your doctor thinks it’s safer for you both. But if you don’t feel sure, research it thoroughly and seek another opinion.

What you may consider doing 

It’s absolutely normal to be nervous about what to expect when it comes to labour. In fact, some women have such an extreme reaction that they have panic attacks – there’s an actual condition called tokophobia which means ‘fear of childbirth’. If your anxieties are overwhelming you, then speak to your antenatal team who will do all they can to help and reassure you and can even offer counselling in extreme cases.

But a lot of women are worried and self-conscious about things like pooing in labour (it happens all the time - your midwife will deal with it and you probably won’t even notice); screaming, shouting and swearing (they’ve heard it all before!); and not looking your best (frankly you’ll be so busy giving birth that will be the least of your worries on the day). Also, don’t stress about the safety of your baby – it’s the job of your medical team/midwife to do everything they can to keep you both safe and healthy and have the best possible birth experience.

How To Tackle Your Birth Fears

How To Feel Super In-Control During Your Labour

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