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Multimac Car Seats Review


The Multimac is a new product designed specifically for mums and dads with three or more children. 

You no longer need to fit three or four car seats (or, try to) in your car - the Multimac is a range of 3 and 4-seater child seats to fit in the back of a normal 5-seat car, meaning you don't need to upgrade your car when your third or fourth child comes along. 

Multimac Tether straps are bolted on to the existing rear seat belt buckle mountings, leaving the adult belts in place. The Multimac can then be fitted or removed in about a minute, allowing the car to still carry adults normally.

Newborns need to be seated in the Minimac which is removable. The Minimac baby cradle will only fit ‘club’ and ‘Superclub’ widths.

Reviewed by Mr & Mrs Clark, parents to quads

The Clark quads were conceived by IVF after Mr and Mrs Clark tried conceiving naturally for 10 years without luck. During the IVF treatment only 1 egg was able to be implanted and it split into triplets and one of the triplets into twins – and voila 4 babies from 1 egg.

Fast forward 2.5 years and Justin Clark had a big struggle – ‘how do you fit 4 car seats into a car?’

Justin chose a small five-seater Soda Fabia for his family of 6. In steps the Multimac, allowing all four children to be seated comfortably in their car seats without needing to upgrade to a larger car.

‘Everything in our life has to be multi-sized and multipack, but when it comes to the car we’ve been able to downsize thanks to the Multimac’, said Justin. 

Choosing the Skoda Fabia with a 4 seater Multimac means Justin and his family reduce their carbon footprint and have more boot space for bags and prams than in a seven-seater car.

See photos of the Clark quads sitting comfortably in their Multimac car seats above. 


Product Information

The original Multimac range comes in the following models 1320, 1260, 1200 (4 seaters) & 1000, 930 (3 seater). Each individual berth is either ‘club’ or ‘standard’ width, each of which will take headrest accessories, and a child up to 12 years (36kg).


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