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Science of Skin skincare range Review


Science of Skin develops scientifically proven, solution-focused skincare, taking the very best from science and nature.

Specifically designed for new mums, the Science of Skin range includes Stretch Mark Defence, and Solution for Stretch Marks. 

If you’ve had a c-section, there’s Solution for Scars, a scar treatment to reduce the appearance of scars. The Solution for Scars formula contains a naturally active green tea extract that is said to shrink some scars by 40%.

Tested by Kim Robertson-Hunt, mum to Henry (four) and expecting her second son. She said: 

I absolutely love these products and only wish I had them first time round.

I don’t have any new stretch marks in this pregnancy and I’m sure that’s down to using Solution for Stretch Marks throughout this pregnancy. It’s helped my old stretch marks fade and is a lovely texture and consistency.

I had a slight panic when I came to the end of the bottle and had to get some more knowing I’d be without for a few days. I used this alongside Stretch Mark Defence - one in the morning and one at night.

Solution for Stretch Marks has the perfect scent and consistency and doesn’t feel too thick or runny on your skin, it makes it feel incredibly nourished.

Stretch Mark Defence comes in a really handy spray bottle and leaves a lovely light coating which then sinks into your skin. For an aerosol-type can it also reassuringly doesn’t smell toxic so you’re happy to spray this every day.

I’ve got Solution for Scars lined up ready for after my c-section and if the other two products are anything to go by I’ll be recommending them as well.

Science of Skin would now be my recommended ‘go to’ brand to use to nourish your skin pre and post pregnancy.


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