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Weaning Made Easy Recipes Review

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‘Weaning Made Easy Recipes’ by Dr Rana Conway (White Ladder) features 150 healthy and simple recipes to make weaning a lot easier for you and your baby. 

There’s a huge range of recipes in this great book, catering for babies and toddlers, and all approaches to weaning - baby-led, or spoon-fed, you will find a recipe to suit you and your baby in here. 

Weaning Made Easy Recipes provides you with a range of fresh home-cooked recipes that include mashed meals, weaning recipes with pasta, finger foods and family favourites, to make mealtimes enjoyable for everyone.

Whether you’re a first-time parent, trying to find weaning recipes for your 6 month old or a busy mum of three, Weaning Made Easy Recipes takes the stress out of weaning, bringing you:

  • 150 healthy and simple dishes
  • Food charts of what foods to introduce and when
  • Weekly meal planners for a varied and balanced diet
  • Clear dos and don’ts and FAQs for each age
  • Recipes suitable for food allergies or intolerances


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