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Paddy's Bathroom range Review

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Paddy’s Bathroom range of toiletries is organic and natural bathtime stuff for babies and toddlers, in bright, fun packaging. 

Reader Charlotte Walsh tested some of the products in the range on her son, Finn (2), and daughter, Nia (4). She says: 

“The bright and colourful packaging of these products appeals to all age groups, especially the hand pumps, which made my 2 year old stop crying about washing his hair and get involved.  The scents are appealing – from Tangy Tangerine, which is a strong sent, through to the Squeaky Clean Lemon which is milder.

“I found the pouches harder to handle for the shampoo and conditioner and I think these would be difficult to use if you had a baby/smaller child that needed more support in the water. However it is perfect for the bubble bath where you are not trying to grip it with wet and soapy hands.

“My son suffers from Eczema but has enjoyed all of the products with no harm to his skin and the pump action foams have turned bathtime to treat time!”


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