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Kiddicare Somerset Cot Bed Review

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Basic and functional, this cot bed does what it says on the tin with no added frills. Not the best looking or the sturdiest model, but it does represent good value for money.

The Somerset is a no frills cot bed that might lack the swank factor, but is an ideal choice if money is tight.

An ideal choice if money is tight

It’s basic to look at, and lacks handy features like a dropside and a teething rail that are standard on other models. On the plus side it does have three mattress positions allowing the base to be lowered as your baby gets more mobile, and it also converts into a toddler bed for use to age four.  Our testers reported that it was simple to assemble and light enough to move around easily. The Somerset is not as heavy and sturdy in feel as others tested, so there were concerns about it’s longevity, but overall it offers decent value considering its price tag. Perfect for a cot to keep at Granny’s house.

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Kiddicare Somerset Cot Bed

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