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Gallery! Newborn, Group 1 And Group 123 Carseat Reviews

Buying a car seat can feel a bit needle in a haystack. So. Many. To. Choose. From. That’s where we come in with buying guides for newborn, Group 1 and Group 123 seats, as well as plenty of reviews. Check them all out here.

Mothercare Ziba Car SeatExpand ImageMothercare Ziba Car Seat

Newborn: Mothercare Ziba, £59.99

Basic and inexpensive option that’s roomy and light, with good features. But it doesn’t feel the sturdiest. Ideal as a spare car seat rather than for everyday use. Full review.
Silver Cross Simplicity Newborn Car SeatExpand ImageSilver Cross Simplicity Newborn Car Seat

Newborn: Silver Cross Simplicity, £130

Sturdy and practical, the Simplicity newborn carseat is very easy to fit and comfortable for newborns. It’s a shame that it’s not the roomiest seat, so would be easily outgrown. Full review.
Kiddy Nest Car SeatExpand ImageKiddy Nest Car Seat

Newborn: Kiddy Nest, £49.99

Impressively lightweight model that offers great quality and fit and outstanding value for money. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have an ISOFIX option but that compromise is reflected in the price. Full review.
Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR II Car SeatExpand ImageBritax Baby Safe Plus SHR II Car Seat

Newborn: Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR II, £129.99

The Britax Baby-Safe SHR II can lie virtually flat and offers all round practicality, comfort and safety. It fits on a range of pushchairs to form a travel system, but does feel quite bulky. Full review.
Maxi-Cosi Pebble Group 1 Car SeatExpand ImageMaxi-Cosi Pebble Group 1 Car Seat

Newborn: Maxi-Cosi Pebble, £160

A great quality seat that’s easy to fit and impresses with its practicality and comfort. Very user friendly and the ISOFIX base can be used for Group 1 car seats, too. Full review
BeSafe Izi Sleep Car SeatExpand ImageBeSafe Izi Sleep Car Seat

Newborn: BeSafe Izi Sleep, £179.99

A lie flat option that is well built and sturdy, extremely comfortable for babies and can form part of a travel system but be warned it’s on the heavy side and very bulky. Full review.
Recaro Young Profi Plus Car SeatExpand ImageRecaro Young Profi Plus Car Seat

Newborn: Recaro Young Profi Plus, £115

Newborn Car Seats: Recaro Young Profi Plus A good-value ISOFIX model that’s a reliable buy and feels very sturdy. The ISOFIX base can be also used for the next stage car seat. Great features, but fitting can be a little tricky. Full review.
Maxi Cosi Car Seat RubiExpand ImageMaxi Cosi Car Seat Rubi

Group 1: Maxi-Cosi Rubi, £160

The Rubi is a good-quality of Maxi Cosi car seats and easy to install, but it didn’t quite deliver for our testers. While comfortable for younger ones, the testers were concerned that it’s too cramped for older children. But it did inspire confidence in its all-important car seat safety, especially given it’s a non-ISOFIX model. Full review.
Cosatto Moova (2013)Expand ImageCosatto Moova (2013)

Group 1: Cosatto Moova, £110

This is a well-priced seat that comes in four brightly coloured designs, which children of all ages will love. However, two of our testers did not feel confident about its child seat safety capacity and worried that it wouldn’t be roomy enough for a pre-schooler, leading to false economy. Full review.
Kiddy Pheonixfix Pro Car SeatExpand ImageKiddy Pheonixfix Pro Car Seat

Group 1: Kiddy Pheonixfix Pro, £200

This is a very high-quality ISOFIX or belted baby car seat that uses an impact cushion instead of a harness for enhanced safety in a head-on collision. Not all our toddler testers took to it, though, so it’s worth trying your baby in it before you buy. If your little one does agree, it’s an excellent seat that’s unlikely to disappoint. Full review.
Graco Coast forward-facing Car SeatExpand ImageGraco Coast forward-facing Car Seat

Group 1: Graco Coast, £99.99

This Graco car seat is big enough to last, easy to install with a seat belt as well as being well-priced, the Coast design is a decent value for money buy that would be ideal for using in the grandparents’ or a childminder’s car as well as your own. Full review.
Britax Safefix Plus Car SeatExpand ImageBritax Safefix Plus Car Seat

Group 1 Car Seats: Britax Safefix Plus, £269.99

A well-made toddler car seat that can be installed with ISOFIX or a seat belt. It scored well among our testers, who found it easy to use and said that their children were both happy and comfortable in it. This is a sound buy for a stage 2 car seat. Full review.
Cybex Sirona Car SeatExpand ImageCybex Sirona Car Seat

Group 1: Cybex Sirona, £400

This is a ‘rear-facing-for-longer’ model that can be used from birth as a rear-facing car seat and then rear or forward-facing for the Group 1 phase. The innovative swivel function lets you turn the seat to the side, making it easy to get your child into the car – a brilliant idea in theory, but in reality the mechanism didn’t work that well. Full review.
Chicco Neptune Car SeatExpand ImageChicco Neptune Car Seat

Group 123: Chicco Neptune, £199.99

Lightweight and easy to move but as a result didn't feel as robust as others. It’s a roomy seat with covers that are easily removed for washing and its very comfortable. The side impact protection is very thick too but unfortunately it doesn’t recline. Full review.
Britax Evolva 123 Plus Car SeatExpand ImageBritax Evolva 123 Plus Car Seat

Group 123: Britax Evolva 123 Plus, £159.99

Practical and easy to use, this seat is a great non-ISOFIX option. Thick padding and side impact protection makes it feel very safe and comfortable. Has good extras like a cup and snack holder and it’s also very roomy. A good value carseat that’s full of features. Full review.
Cosatto Zoomi Group 1 Car SeatExpand ImageCosatto Zoomi Group 1 Car Seat

Group 123: Cosatto Zoomi, £110

Group 123 Carseats: Cosatto Zoomi□An eye catching car seat available in several colours. It’s light, compact and great value but is not the sturdiest model. Has handy features including a five point harness, washable covers and an adjustable headrest. A good second seat that’s great value for money. Full review.
Graco Nautilus Elite Car SeatExpand ImageGraco Nautilus Elite Car Seat

Group 123: Graco Nautilus Elite, £129.99

Group 123 Carseats: Graco Nautilus Elite A solid mid price option that feels safe and robust. Has good features including a cupholder, adjustable headrest and a five point harness. Quite heavy to move but the seat and headrests are deeply padded and comfortable. Good value for money. Full review.
Kiddy Guardian Pro Car SeatExpand ImageKiddy Guardian Pro Car Seat

Group 123 Carseats: Kiddy Guardian Pro, £225

A premium quality carseat that’s expensive and on the bulky side. Your child will either love or hate the impact cushion which has extra layers of shock absorbers for added peace of mind. Easy to fit and transfer between cars and the covers are washable. Pricey but extremely well made. Full review.
Concord Transformer T Pro Car SeatExpand ImageConcord Transformer T Pro Car Seat

Group 123: Concord Transformer T Pro, £209.99

A high quality ISOFIX model that is very easy to fit and use. It has impressive side impact protection and uses an impact shield rather than a traditional harness for the Group 1 (HYPERLINK) stage. It’s well-made and sturdy but is let down by the poor seat recline. A good solid choice. Full review.

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