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Really Good Gear: Out And About Gadgets

Section: Shopping Ideas
Check out the latest gadgets, designed to make your journey as a parent easier
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Pod Highchair, £45,

Extra-light at only 1kg and easily attachable to most tables and bench tops, this brilliantly portable chair will ensure happy mealtimes at home or on the move.
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Legria HF R46 Camcorder, £344,

Forget fumbling with your camcorder and missing that first step. The special 'baby mode' on this video camera captures the seconds before you actually press record. Clever!
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MATchel, £35.99,

This unassuming satchel transforms in seconds – a brilliant innovation for on-the-move nappy changes.
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MiniStation Slim, £60,

This might be the world's thinnest portable storage device, but it has a whopping 500GB of space.
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iGuy iPad Protector, £19.99,

Meet the iGuy. He feels squidgy, but it tough and durable enough to keep you iPad Mini safe from knocks and drops as your toddler gets to grips with technology.
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Stroller Fan, £7.99, Dreambaby at

Create an instant breeze by clipping this to your buggy, travel cot or baby seat. The blades are made from soft material, so they won't harm your baby if she can't resist making a grab.
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Apptivity iPad Case, £33,

Make your tablet totally tot-resistant with this durable case, which keeps it safe from drops and knocks. Oh, and dribble.
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Miffy Goes Flying App, £2.99 for iPad/£1.99 for iPhone,

Join Miffy as she takes flight for the first time.This app has a story and interactive games to put your toddler in the holiday mood.
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MIFI Pocket Wifi, Buy For £84.99 Or Rent From £7.87 Per Month,

Keep your kids entertained wherever you are with this pocket-sized wireless device that can create a wifi connection for up to five gadgets.
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Snack Catcher, £4.99,

These clever cups allow preschoolers to help themselves to cereal without emptying the entire lot on the floor. Which means you can grab an extra worry-free half hour in bed.
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Hello Kitty Drawing Bag, £14.99,

You can forget yells of 'Are we nearly there yet?' with this drawing case. It contains everything you need for back-of-the-car creativity – no paper or pens required.
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3-In-1 Booster Seat, £24.99,

A bag that transforms into a booster seat would be impressive enough, but this also has a changing mat and a place to store nappies. A real one-stop travelling must-have.
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Travel Toybox, £14.99,

Your little one can ride on this new Trunki carrier as well as stash his toys, giving you a spare hand for another suitcase full of your clothes and shoes. Result.
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Diaper Dude Bag, £44.94,

Love streetwear? Then say hello to this cool camo change bag. Full of handy pockets and compartments, there's no reason for Dad not to carry it, either.
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Mini-PackIt Freezable Cooler Bag, £9.99,

Wave goodbye to warm sarnies with this colour-pop storage bag. Simply stash it in the freezer before you need it. When you take it out, it will keep food chilled for up to 10 hours.
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Bump Buddy, Free,

Packed with useful info, this pregnancy app keeps track of appointments, and has a diary functions so you can record your thoughts and feelings as the big day approaches.
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Fitbug Air, from £24.99,

Meet your post-baby personal trainer! This tracker records steps taken and calories burned, plus builds a fitness programme with realistic targets. Baby belly, be gone!
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Buggy Clips, £16 For Two,

These leather clips securely attach any changing bag to your pushchair, leaving your hands free for those other mum essentials – like your skinny latte.
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V520 HD Camcorder, £395.99,

Share the love instantly with built-in wi-fi that means you can broadcast live video of your baby to social media. You can control the viewfinder from your smartphone, too.
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Food Pouch Spoon Tips, £1.79 For Two,

Make messy mealtimes on-the-go a thing of the past. Attach one of these to most ready-made food pouches and you can squeeze with ease (see what we did there?).
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Mush Hand Blender, £16.99, Boon at

This back-to-basics blender makes it a doddle to whip up weaning meals for your little one. Just pop your ingredients in, then pull the handle for baby food in a flash.
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Innotab 2 Baby, £84.99,

Free your iPad from sticky hands forever with this baby tablet. Loaded with games, songs and activities, it also has a chew-resistant coating. Suitable from 12 months.
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Active Grip Toddler Daysack, £16.99,

This surprisingly roomy rucksack has a clever ‘grab handle’ on the back, so you can quickly stop your little one making a dash for the pigeons or keep him close near busy roads.
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Baby Carrier One, £114.99,

This can be worn back or front, from newborn to three years. The ergonomic belt and padded straps make transporting small people a doddle (even when they’re big enough to walk…)
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Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat, £6.99,

A compact, non-slip changing mat that will keep your baby away from less-than-savoury changing room floors at the pool. OCD, much?
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Buggy Lights, £9.99,

When it starts to get dark before 4pm, these safety lights will keep you visible to traffic. Simply click onto your pram and you'll be seen from up to 150 metres away.
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On-The-Go Bottle Warmer, £10.55,

This snazzy little jacket heats up at the push of a button and keeps baby bottles warm for two hours. Simply boil in hot water for 15 minutes before you dash out the door.
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IHealth Activity And Sleep Tracker, £59.99,

This nifty device monitors steps taken and calories burnt, so you can work out exactly how far you need to push your pram to burn off that mid-morning doughnut.
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Portable Soother Steriliser, £18.99, Papila at

Leave the spare dummy at home and zap germs on-the-go in just three minutes with this battery powered soother steriliser.
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Toddler Headphones, £14.99, Kazoo at

These animal design headphones have capped noise levels, meaning they're safe for little ears - and you wont get kiddie TV tunes stuck in your head.
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Wunderlist App, Free,

Arrived at the supermarket and realised you've forgotten your shopping list again? Have no fear, Wunderlist to the rescue. You can create multiple to-do list – perfect for precision mama planning.
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Yoyo Super Lightweight Stroller, £309,

Weighing just 5.8kg, this amazingly compact buggy can fold to hand-luggage size for flights, and has a strap so you can carry it on your shoulder. plus, it can be collapsed with one hand.
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Cup Bands, 3 for £8.95,

Fed up of scribbling your tot's name on their nursery water bottle? These stretchy bands can be personalised with name, preferences and allery information, too.
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Mumlin Muslins, 3 For £19.99,

Who said bibs were just for babies? Rock the new shoulder-shaped mussy that could make sick on your clothes a thing of the past
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, £179.99,

The just-for-kids Galaxy comes loaded with the educational games, apps, and a button to help you set the amount of screentime. It may mean an end to Peppa Pig popping up on your work tablet, too.
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Toddler Backpack, £19.99 BushBaby at

Roomy enough for storing your toddler's snack and Teddy - and he won't even notice the detachable parent strap that ensures you can keep him close. Sneaky.
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Mum2B App for Apple and Android, Free, App Store and Google Play

Make the inevitable pregnancy body changes easier to navigate with advice on excercise, health and beauty. (If onlt it could stop those late-night chocolate cravings, too...)
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Buggy Weights, £14.99,

You've got your shopping loaded on the handles of your pushchair, your toddler hops out and tips it back. The solution? Clip these to the front to weigh it down.
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Koo-Di iPad Holder, £13.45,

If cries of 'Are we there yet?' are driving you up the wall, slip your iPad into this sturdy holder. Attach it to a car headrest, then hurrah – your toddlers can watch Cbeebies on the go.
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'I Am Lost' Starter Pack, from £16,

Don't want to lose your child's favourite teddy? Get a code from I Am Lost, then stamp or sticker onto your items, so people can contact you through its website if they find them.
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