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Pampers’ Wonder Week will save you money!

Pampers’ Wonder Week will save you money!

Pampers’ Wonder Week of deals has returned, with lots more amazing savings to be had. Between March 31 and April 6, Pampers is working with selected retailers across the UK to give you a week of amazing deals.

Simply visit, choose your preferred retailer, pick your product deal, and click through to purchase.

You can make great savings by buying the best quality products like Pampers in bulk during Wonder Week. Plus, you can enjoy having all your favourite nappies and wipes delivered to your door.

Pampers has partnered with blogger Miss Thrifty (aka Karyn Fleeting), who’s passionate about ways to save on everyday and family essentials. Karyn’s blog has been named by The Times as one of its Top 50 Websites to Save You Money. Here are her top tips on bulk buying successfully:

Always compare costs and check the price per unit

In the UK, a product’s price label on the supermarket shelf will also specify the price per unit: if you are considering a bulk purchase of a product, then check this price-per-unit, compare it and make a judgement call as to whether you will be saving money in the long-term.

“Stack” coupons and offers for additional savings

To “stack” is to put multiple coupons towards the purchase of a single item. You can collect coupons from magazines and websites. If the supermarket with the best bulk-buy offers isn’t your closest, remember that you can obtain the savings anyway, if you take advantage of price match schemes.

If you are buying baby products, think long-term

Think ahead if you are bulk-buying baby items such as clothes and nappies - my little one has already outgrown his 0-3 month outfits, Babies grow so quickly, so it’s sensible to buy a size up, or mix and match your bulk buy products. Disposable baby wipes are something you’ll be buying for years, so your bulk buy will definitely get used!

Be wary of bulk-buying a product or brand you haven’t bought previously

Fortunately, many of the baby brands are available to try at no cost or low cost: Pampers, for example, will send you free samples (

Remember to adjust your household budget

For those new to bulk-buying, here is a neat idea from an American money-saving blog, which is applicable to UK shoppers: raise your grocery budget, temporarily, by 25% - “take advantage of big sales when you see them…eventually, you won’t need that extra 25%” (The Simple Dollar)

Whether it’s teething, wind, or just excitement that’s disrupting your baby’s sleep, we all have tried and tested tricks to help encourage a restful night. Sometimes a reliable, comfortable and absorbent nappy is overlooked. Pampers Wonder Week will see amazing offers on the full Pampers range including New Baby, Premium Protection, Baby-Dry nappies  Baby-Dry Pants and Pampers Sensitive Wipes; so your little one will have all they need to sleep through the night and wake up for a day of boundless play, every day.

Pampers Wonder Week

All of the product offers & pricing are at the sole discretion of the retailer, but you’ll be able to make the most of offers like the below:                                                      


30% off voucher* with Amazon’s ‘Family’ discount, meaning up to 50% off’ for Amazon Prime members*


Baby Dry Giga Pack £12 (instore only)*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*

Baby Dry Jumbo Packs are 2 for £18*

New Baby Jumbo Pack are £6*


5x Baby Dry or New Baby or Active Fit Essential Packs for £25*

5x Pampers Mega Packs for £45*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*


3x Baby Dry Essentials Pack for £15*

3x Baby Dry Jumbo Pack for £25*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*

New Baby Essential Packs 2 for £13*


5x Baby Dry or New Baby or Active Fit Essential Packs for £25*

12x Sensitive Wipes for £8*


5x Baby Dry or New Baby or Active Fit Essential Packs for £25*


2x Baby Dry or New Baby Dry Pants Large Packs for £14*

New Baby Jumbo Packs 2 for £14*


5x Essential Packs for £25*

3x 5x Sensitive Wipes for £12*

*All pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer

Visit to take advantage of Pampers’ Wonder Week!


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