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7 silicone teething necklaces to soothe your baby’s gums

Do amber teething necklaces work? There has been a lot of discussion lately, with most expert advice being that there’s little scientific evidence behind the thought that amber will help soothe your teething baby, but instead that amber necklaces could pose a safety risk. 

Silicone teething necklaces offer mums a way of soothing their teething baby while still looking stylish, despite the dribble. 

Choose a teething necklace in a bright colour to add a pop to your outfit, or pick one in muted tones to match any dress. 

Your teething baby can gnaw on the safe silicone beads, soothing sore gums while you cuddle them. And once you put baby down, these styles look just like normal chunky necklaces - no one would know! 

Here are our 7 favourite teething necklaces: 

Bo & Bel Silicone Teething NecklaceExpand ImageBo & Bel Silicone Teething Necklace

Bo & Bel Silicone Teething Necklace, £15. 

The Bo & Bel teething necklace is made from chunky silicone beads in lovely bright colours. Read our full review of the Bo & Bel necklace here
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Mama Jewels Gilly Silicone Teething NecklaceExpand ImageMama Jewels Gilly Silicone Teething Necklace

Mama Jewels Gilly teething necklace, £17.95

The Gilly teething necklace comes in three colours, and is a favourite with mums as it really doesn’t look like a teething necklace at all. Read our mums’ reviews of the Gilly necklace here
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Gumigem Duchess Gumidrops NecklaceExpand ImageGumigem Duchess Gumidrops Necklace

Gumigem Duchess Gumidrops Necklace, £15.95

Gumigem’s Duchess Gumidrops teething necklace features beads and pebble shapes, ideal for soothing your teething baby while remaining stylish. Read our full review of the Duchess Gumidrops here
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La La Beads Bubble Citron NecklaceExpand ImageLa La Beads Bubble Citron Necklace

La La Beads Bubble Citron Necklace, £15

This La La Beads teething necklace is bright and colourful, allowing mums to look stylish while still giving baby a soothing chew for teething. Read our mums’ reviews of the Bubble Citron necklace here
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Koo-di Choos Beige Pendant Teether NecklaceExpand ImageKoo-di Choos Beige Pendant Teether Necklace

Koo-di Choos Beige Pendant, £12.95

The Koo-di Choos teething necklace has chunky silicone beads all the way round. Read our real mums’ reviews of the Koo-di Choos here
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Lara and Ollie Silicone Teething JewelleryExpand ImageLara and Ollie Silicone Teething Jewellery

Lara and Ollie Silicone Teething Necklace, £15.95

This teething necklace is handmade and designed in the UK. Read our full review of the Lara and Ollie necklace here
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Nibbling Stellar Teething NecklaceExpand ImageNibbling Stellar Teething Necklace

Nibbling Stellar Teething Necklace, £24

The Stellar teething necklace from Nibbling is brightly coloured, adding a pop of style to any outfit, while still soothing your teething baby safely. Read our full review of the Nibbling Stellar here
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