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7 Things To Remember When You Start Trying To Conceive (TTC)

7 Things To Remember When You Start Trying To Conceive (TTC)

The baby making truths that will make TTC a whole lot easier

Whether you've wanted a baby since you can remember or you only decided last week that the time is right, when you've worked out you want a baby, you want one, er, right now. And not knowing how long it will take you to conceive can seriously try your patience.

You may have spent most of your sex life trying to avoid having a baby, but now you've ditched the condoms and come off the Pill, getting pregnant may not happen as quickly as you expect. This is what you need to remember. 

1. Take your supplements

Start taking 400mcg of folic acid now, as you need to begin before you even conceive to help ensure healthy brain function in your future baby.

2. Enjoy your sex life

If you're on baby no.1 these could be your last days of carefree sex without worrying about the kids waking up or – worse – walking in. 

Stop obsessing

If you don't get pregnant in the first few months, don't panic. 90% of couples conceive within a year. So try not to get obsessive from day one. You may be able to control most things in your life, but this is probably not one of them. Plus, it's difficult to feel sexy when it's all about the sperm and the egg. 

4. Think about him

Remember it's not just about you. You're in this together and your partner needs to feel relaxed and happy too – try not to pile the pressure on (even if all you are thinking is 'Hurry up and give me your best swimmers'). Performance anxiety is not conducive to baby making.

5. Regular sex

The best time to conceive is one or two days before you ovulate, which can seem like a tricky task to time. But you don't need to have sex every day – sperm can survive for up to seven days in your body, so every couple of days is fine. Work out when you're ovulating, and so most fertile, with our ovulation calculator.

6. Sperm-boosters

You’re probably staying as healthy as you can, but you can also make a difference to your chances of conception if your partner keeps his sperm healthy. That means a balanced diet, no smoking, cutting down on alcohol (which affects his testosterone levels) and maintaining a healthy weight. 

7. Baby making break

If you’ve been trying for a while and it’s all getting too stressful, take a break. Go on some dates or a weekend away and reboot the romance.

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