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Men Should Drink Beer But Avoid Too Much Coffee If Trying To Conceive With IVF

Men who like to go down the pub for a pint have now got a handy excuse if they’re trying to conceive by IVF, as it reportedly doubles their chance of their partner having a baby.

In contrast, the study by Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston also found that men who drank coffee every day reduced a couple's likelihood of conceiving.
Researchers analysed the sperm of 105 men, with an average age of 37, whose wives and girlfriends were undergoing IVF between 2007 and 2013.


The study found that men who drank the moderate amount of around one pint a day (just under three units) had a 57 per cent chance that a session of IVF would result in a baby being born. This was twice the 28 per cent success rate of those who drank the least.
None of the men in the study were heavy drinkers and current NHS Choices advice states that men should not exceed three to four units a day, as it could damage sperm.

When it came to caffeine intake, the study found that men who drank 265mg or more of caffeine a day (one expresso shot contains 100mg) had half the chance of becoming fathers via IVF, compared to those who drank less that 88mg a day.
Birth rates dropped from 52 per cent among those who had very little caffeine to just 19 per cent for those who had the most.


‘High male caffeine consumption appears to reduce couples’ chance of achieving a clinical pregnancy, while male alcohol consumption appears to enhance their changes,’ said lead author Dr Anatte Karmon, an obstetrician, Massachusetts General Hospital.
American Society for Reproductive Medicine President Rebecca Z. Sokol, noted at the 70th Annual Meeting of ASRM in Hawaii, ‘The human organism is complex and substances we inhale and imbibe have systemic effects beyond the stimulation the user is seeking.  These studies provide new information that can help men make healthy choices for themselves, their partners, and their future children.’
The study showed that there was no link between the amount of caffeine or alcohol they took in and the quality of their sperm.

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