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Here you'll find all the latest expert advice  covering every aspect of becoming a mum. We will guide you through each stage of pregnancy, prepare you for birth, get to grips with new motherhood and even take the tantrums out of toddlerhood.

You might be a mum – but you're still you. That's why brings you everything you need to know about sex and relationships, work and money, fashion, beauty  and sleep, along with great health advice for the whole family.

Don’t want to be cooking eight meals a day? Neither do we! So we've created easy-to-shop recipes designed to be eaten as enticing purée or exciting finger foods, as well as delicious grown-up meals.

And that’s not all. Our new shopping section is packed with expert and mum-tested reviews, buyers guides and galleries of all the must-have products designed to make life as a mum that much easier.

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