How to take those night-time nappies off... for good!

So you’ve conquered daytime potty training. Your toddler loves their new pants and you can’t even remember when their last little accident was. But does your little one still wear a night-time nappy?

If you’re like the majority of mums, your tot will still be in a nappy at night long after their dry during the day.

According to Amanda Jenner of the Potty Training Academy, you’re doing the right thing. ‘I always advise parents to wait until their child is reliably dry during the daytime before tackling nights,’ she says. ‘Trying to do it all at once can be daunting, result in more accidents which can be upsetting for your little one, and make you more likely to give up.’ 

You're ready to ditch the night time nappies if:

How to take off the night-time nappies:

If you and your tot are ready, take these steps to dry, nappy-free nights…

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Meet the expert: Amanda Jenner is part of the Potty Training Academy and is well-known for her expert tips and advice around toilet training toddlers. She's appeared in prime time tv shows including Channel 4’s “Too Posh To Parent” & This Morning.

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