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Baby and child thermometers: How to use them, the best ones to buy and what to look for

Baby thermometer

One of the best things about technology is the guarantee of peace of mind for parents. Knowing the exact temperature of your little one will help you know what to do next depending on the results. For trustful results, choose one of the best baby and child thermometers selected here.

Depending on how high-tech you want your new baby and child thermometer to be you will need to invest more. You can get a good one that will last for many years for around £25 which is an excellent investment. The NHS recommends avoiding using forehead strip-type thermometers, so we have left these off our list.

How to choose the right thermometer

The choice of baby thermometers on the market can be overwhelming. Here’s a run-down of the different options available:

  • In-ear thermometers: You’ll notice most doctors use a digital in-ear thermometer to take babies’ temperatures — this is because it is quick and painless, whilst giving an accurate representation of body temperature.
  • Non-contact thermometers (forehead): These are rather new in the world of baby thermometers, and work by taking an infrared reading from your baby’s forehead, meaning you can check on their temperature with no physical contact. Don’t confuse these with the cheaper strip forehead thermometers, which are very different, and much less accurate.
  • Armpit thermometers: The NHS still recommends these when taking your baby’s temperature — especially when they are a newborn.

What to look for in a baby and child thermometer

After choosing which type of thermometer you want, there are three other features to look for. The first is the ability to define your baby’s age, as temperature varies depending on how old your child is. The second feature is storing previous readings, which let you see how your child’s temperature has gone up or down. And finally, how quickly the thermometer gives you a reading is very useful.

5 Best baby and child thermometers

Boots Non-Contact Thermometer

Boots Non-contact Thermometer

This clever baby thermometer from boots has clinically proven accuracy and is multipurpose, allowing you to measure your baby’s bottle, food, bath water and room temperature as well. With easy to read symbols alerting you if things are out of the ‘ordinary’ range, we also love the built-in memory, recording the last 60 readings for you. It’s won frequently in our awards, and we highly recommend this reliable little gadget.

Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer

£34.99 - RRP: £54.99

Braun Thermoscan 7

This is an Amazon best-seller and Braun claims is highly recommended by doctors. Braun Age Precision Digital Stick PRT2000 will help you check your child’s temperature accurately. Uniquely for Braun you can add your little one’s age and the results come also in three colours: green (normal), yellow (higher than normal) to red (very high).


Braun Age Precision Stick Digital Thermometer

£11.99 - RRP: £16.99

Braun Age Precision Stick

This is another Amazon best-seller but a much more affordable option. It's the best choice if you don't want to invest too much or if you are looking for something to keep inside your bag when out and about. Importantly it can be used for every member of the family including adults by adjusting the age settings (0-3 months, 3-36 months and 36 months plus).


The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

£13.00 - RRP: £24.99

Gro Egg

This clever little room thermometer changes colour to let you know whether the temperature of your baby’s room is ok. Made by a brand you can trust, this is a must-buy when it comes to ensuring the temperature of your baby’s room is safe. A yellow glow suggests the room is a comfortable temperature, a blue glow suggests it’s too cold and a red glow suggests it’s too warm. It also acts as a comforting night light, so is an all-around winner in our eyes.

Philips AVENT SCH550/20 Bath and Room Thermometer


Bath Thermometer Philips

This best-selling bath thermometer monitors both room and water temperatures at a glance. It looks cute and floats in water and is safe and fun for your tot to play with during bathtime. We love the idea of this fun and safe product, telling you at a glance whether or not the water is a safe temperature.

FAQ about baby and children thermometers

What is the ‘normal temperature’ for a baby?

The ‘normal’ temperature for a baby can range from 36.4 degrees Celsius to 36.8, but each baby has a slightly different core temperature, so this will vary. It’s a good idea to take your little one’s temperature when you know they are well, so you can get a good idea of what their normal, healthy temperature is.

The NHS urges parents to seek urgent medical advice if their little one is under three-months-old and has a temperature of 38C (101F) or is between three and six-months-old and has a temperature of 39C (102F).


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