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First aid for babies to help you enjoy the summer outdoors

First aid for babies to help you enjoy the summer outdoors

Summer is finally upon us and many of us are getting out and about with babies, whether it’s a trip to the park or the beach, a BBQ with family and friends or simply a splash in the garden paddling pool. 

When it comes to babies, time outdoors can seem a lot less simple than it once did.

To a mother’s eye it can suddenly seem like there are hazards everywhere, from the (surprisingly!) hot sun to the buzzing beasts you just know are waiting to sting your little one.

With some simple first aid knowledge, though, you can feel confident that you’ll know how to handle an emergency.

Read on for some simple tips from British Red Cross:


Usually a sting from a bee, wasp or hornet is painful rather than dangerous.

If the sting is visible on the skin, use the edge of a credit card to scrape it away, and apply an ice-pack such as frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel to the affected area to minimise pain and swelling.

If you see any signs of a severe allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing, a rash, swelling or itchy skin on the baby’s hands, feet or face, call 999.


When the weather is hot, it’s easy for babies to become dehydrated as their small bodies can’t store much fluid.

If a baby is dehydrated, they may be drowsy and lethargic and have fewer wet nappies.

Take the baby to a cool, shady place and give them their normal milk to drink. Encourage them to drink often.

Seek medical advice straight away if your baby is dehydrated.

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The British Red Cross First aid for baby and child course, available from £45 per person at venues throughout the UK, will leave you confident that you’re prepared for anything the summer – and summers to come – may bring your way. Find out more here 

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British Red Cross first aid for babies appThe free British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid app, available from your Apple or Android device’s app store, is the perfect way to take first aid knowledge out and about with you this summer. Find out more here 

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