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Help your children stay safe in the sun

Enjoying the sun safely

Enjoying the mini British summer? If you’re anything like us you’ve probably been desperate to get out of the house and into the sunshine. But before you and your little ones head out for a sunny walk or trip to the park, remember these top sun safety tips…

Think ahead with sun cream

Don’t get your sun cream out at the park – apply it before you leave home. ‘Sun cream should be applied fifteen minutes before you go in the sun to allow it to be absorbed into the skin and before your child starts moving around or playing, which may cause surface product to rub off,’ says Boots sun care expert Clare O’Connor. 

Pay attention to their ‘hot spots’

‘Children are more vulnerable to burning than adults as they’re more exposed by the way they play,’ says Clare.

‘They often spend time running in and out of paddling pools or the sea and have more abrasive contact with surfaces like sand and other children. The areas particularly vulnerable to burning are the tops of their head (especially if they don’t have much hair or have a parting), their ears, feet (particularly the soles) and lips. So spray or cream those areas often.’ 

Worry about heatstroke as well as burning

Clare says it’s not just sunburn we should be worrying about: ‘Heat exhaustion can happen if their body can’t lose heat fast enough, so don’t let them sleep in the sun or a hot car. Keep them cool in the shade when you can and make sure they drink plenty of fluids.’ 

Pop on some shades

They don’t just look cute – kiddie shades can protect their eyesight too. ‘Up to 80% of the eye’s lifetime exposure to UV light is reached before the age of 18,’ says Clare. ‘Children’s eyes have larger pupils and clearer lenses so they’re more susceptible to sun damage, so look for sunglasses with 100% UV protection, which is shown with a CE mark or sticker on the lens.’

Our must-have products for sun safety:

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La Roche Posay Anthelios Dermo Paedriatric Baby Lotion spf50+ (£11,

This cult French skincare brand is known for being naturally soothing and their new baby sun cream is the most skin-nourishing of the lot. It's packed with shea butter but it's easy to apply and non sticky.
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Soltan Kids Once 3 Hours Waterplay Spray (£5,

If you have slightly older and energetic toddlers this spray is perfect – one application gives up to six hours of sun protection and three hours of water resistance.
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BÉABA 100% UV Protection Sunglasses (£19.90,

This brilliant range of children's sunglasses come in different styles, colours and design, from straps that will stay on a baby right through to teenage glasses, all with unbreakable glass lenses that have 100% UV protection.
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Snoozeshade (£19.99,

This has won a handful of awards and it's easy to see why – it's breathable and works as a sleep or sun shade and keeps out up to 99% of the sun's UV rays. A summer must-have.
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Baby playsuit set, £28; teddy outfit, £22,

Make sure your little one is covered up when they play outside - try one of these adorable toddler outfits from Frugi.
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Frugi sun hats, £14 each,

These cute sun hats are made with organic material, come in lots of different colours and styles and are reversible.


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