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Jelly, Telly And Other Ways To Help Your Unwell Toddler Feel Happier

Being ill isn’t nice for anyone, particularly when you’re a toddler missing out on playtime and being cooped up in your room instead. So here’s how to put a smile on your tot’s face when she’s under the weather

1. Television

Yes, countless studies and headlines say kids are watching too much TV. But, when they’re not well, it’s sometimes the best thing for them as it keeps them amused and – more importantly – keeps them lying still on the sofa (something that doesn’t come naturally to toddlers). This helps their body rest and fight off the bug.

2. Treats

If she’s up to it, your snuffling toddler will love some treats to take her mind off things. ‘Trick her into thinking she’s having something sugary,’ says Amanda. Mix some frozen berries into her favourite yoghurt to make a healthy ice cream. Or add chopped fruit to a small bowl of jelly – ideal for sore throats.

3. Give her a massage

It doesn’t just make your baby feel good, massaging helps her stay healthy. According to a study by Children’s Hospital of Michigan, it sets off a chain reaction, making her brain produce more feel-good serotonin and less cortisol, a hormone that’s secreted in response to stress. As a result, your baby’s heart rate and breathing slow down, and she becomes more relaxed and better able to fight illness.

It doesn’t just make your baby feel good, massaging helps her stay healthy

4. Put on a puppet show

Grab her favourite toys and put on a show on the sofa. Try to make her giggle, as Japanese research has shown that laughing with your baby can boost your immune system as well as hers.

5. Cuddles sometimes

it’s the only medicine your baby needs. Cuddling releases the hormone oxytocin, which is proven to be a natural immune booster, according to research. So, forget your things-to-do list and snuggle up with your little one under a blanket, so you can both get some much-needed rest.

How do you put a smile on your toddler’s face when she’s ill? Share your tips below.


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