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Learn baby first aid with the British Red Cross

In a recent poll, 96.8% of Mother & Baby readers thought all parents should learn first aid*.

We all hope that we’ll never be in a situation where our baby or child is choking or has a burn or cut, but learning simple first aid skills can give you the confidence to help your little one in an emergency.

The British Red Cross offers a variety of ways to learn first aid to suit you, whether it’s booking a first aid course, learning online or downloading the free Baby and Child First Aid app. By setting aside some time to learn, you’ll be prepared for any bumps or mishaps that come your way as your baby grows up.

Take a course

The British Red Cross First aid for baby and child course is available from £45 per person at venues throughout the UK. The four-hour course covers a range of first aid situations, from choking and unresponsiveness to fever and meningitis. Visit here to book.

British Red Cross is offering Mother & Baby readers £5 off a First aid for baby and child course; see the October issue of Mother & Baby magazine for your exclusive code.

Learn as a group

Taking part in the First aid for baby and child public course as a group is a great idea for friends, families, community groups – in fact anyone who wants to learn first aid in a relaxed environment.

From just £24 per person, you could save money on our public courses compared with booking individually. Young babies are welcome on group bookings only (however, we suggest arranging alternative childcare to aid concentration if possible). Visit here for further details.

Download the app

The free British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid app, available from your Apple or Android device’s app store, will give you first aid at your fingertips. It’s packed with useful videos, animations and tips, along with first aid quizzes to test your knowledge. Find out more here.

Learn online

Visit here to learn simple first aid skills for babies and children.

First aid advice: How to help a baby or child who is having a febrile seizure

Febrile seizures are caused by a fever or high temperature.

  1. The baby or child may arch their back, stiffen their body and have clenched fists. They look red-faced, are hot to touch and sweating.
  2. Protect the baby or child from injury. Do not restrain them.
  3. Remove outer clothing to help cool them.
  4. When the seizure is over, help the baby or child to rest on their side with their head tilted back. If the symptoms continue or it is their first seizure, seek medical advice.

*Poll run on in May/June 2016. In answer to the question: ‘Do you think all parents should learn first aid?’ 96.8% answered ‘yes’, 1.6% answered ‘no’ and 1.6% answered ‘not sure’.

Photos: ©Bob Collier/BRC

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