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The Toddler Teething Fix: 11 Great Tricks

There’s nothing cuter than your toddler's pearly white smile. The journey to that point is, ummm, less cute. Make it easier with some new ideas

1 Dish up breakfast

If your baby has started solids, freeze a bagel or breakfast waffle and let him chew on it. ‘They’re soft enough for him to gnaw on, but also have a rough texture that your baby will enjoy rubbing along his gums,’ says Jenny.

2 Walk it off

Fresh air can give your tot the relief he needs. Go for a walk and point out interesting flowers, animals or trees – it can be a good distraction.

3 The Yoghurt trick

‘When my baby refuses his breakfast because of teething pain, I put a dollop of yoghurt on top of every spoonful of his porridge,’ says Charlotte Brazier, 34, from London, who’s mum to Peter, 10 months. ‘He likes the cooling sensation.'

4 Serve up a cooler

Blend some fresh fruit purées and freeze them into ice lollies – these will also provide a nutrition hit.‘Alternatively, fill a mesh feeder with frozen fruit – berries work well,’ says Alexander. ‘Gnawing on the frozen fruit will numb your baby’s gums and stop pain.’

5 Veg out

If your tot’s bored with fruit, try cold vegetable sticks. A large, peeled carrot straight from the fridge is easy for your little one to hold and is great for back teeth, as well as the front. Cucumber sticks are also soothing. If your baby has teeth already, keep a close eye on him to prevent choking.

6 Try an alternative

Acupressure works by massaging pressure points in your baby’s toes, feet, hands and face, and can be used alongside any more traditional methods. Click here to find a therapist.

7 Make it metal

Using a metal spoon provides a hard, smooth surface to chew and suck. ‘If you put it in the fridge first, it’ll be super-soothing on your baby’s gums,’ says Jenny.

8 Create a dribble barrier

Teething can mean your baby dribbles more, and the dampness can make the skin around his mouth red and sore. ‘Use a barrier cream or petroleum jelly to make sure the area stays moisturised and protected,’ says Jenny.

9 Prepare yourself for bedtime

You may find your baby’s symptoms are worse at night but, while teething rings and hard foods are soothing during the day, they may make it more difficult for your tot to fall asleep. Instead, give him soft foods in the evening to ease irritation.

10 Homeopathic help

If you’re keen to try natural pain-relief methods, some mums swear by homeopathy. Look for remedies containing calcarea phosphorica, or try Nelsons Teetha Granules, £5,  with camomile.

11 Put a check on cheek dryness

Teething babies often develop red, dry cheeks, so apply a soothing oil to relieve them. We like Cheeky Monkey Cheek Rub Oil, £7.50. 

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