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Would You Want Your Toddler To Get A Flu Vaccine?

Children aged two and three years old are to be vaccinated against flu this autumn

Love the idea of your toddler being protected from flu this winter? For the first time, every two and three year old in Scotland will now be offered the vaccine.

The vaccine will now be available for about 120,000 children who were two or three years old by 1 September 2013.

Instead of an injection, the vaccine will be given as a nasal spray.

By the end of 2015, around one million children, aged between two and 17, will have the chance to be immunised with the nasal spray vaccine.

All two and three year olds in England and Wales will also be offered the vaccine this winter.

The programme was launched by Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond who spoke about the initial success of the pilot scheme, which has seen 2000 fewer hospitalisations and 25,000 fewer GP consultations.

He said, ‘For the first time this winter we are taking extra precautions to protect families by making sure children are also offered this vital vaccine.’


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