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Your Baby Skincare Guide: Nine To 12 Months

With all the crawling around your baby is currently doing, her skin needs some added TLC

Your baby’s first year is almost over and the large majority of skin complaints such as baby acne and rashes should have cleared up, as her skin’s natural barrier will almost have developed fully.

By this stage she’ll also be crawling around exploring pretty much everything. Amazing to see her develop, sure, but all this movement is tough on her skin and means she could rub or burn her hands and knees.

Preventing crawling injuries

Your crawling baby will be making her way over all types of terrain – carpets, grass and wooden floors – potentially rubbing, burning or cutting her hands and knees.

‘It’s a great idea to protect your baby’s hands and knees,’ says midwife and neonatal skincare advisor Sharon Trotter. ‘You can buy great products that resemble legwarmers, known as babylegs, to help protect her knees.'

Avoiding dry skin

Now that your baby is moving around a lot, you will be washing her face, hands and body a lot more which can lead to dry skin.  Treat this with a simple homemade remedy.

'Fill a sock with porridge oats (blitzed in a food processor) then tie up the sock and add to bathwater or hold under warm running water,' says Sharon. 'This will turn the water milky and is great for soothing dry skin – for both you and for your baby.'

Alternatively, you can use a lotion but make sure it’s recommended by experts and doesn’t contain colours, alcohol and strong perfumes.

Protection from the sun

Until your baby is at least a year old, steer clear of using sun lotions as they contain chemicals that could irritate her skin and cause a reaction.

You can keep her safe by making sure she plays in the shade and wears protective clothing such as a wide-brimmed hat. Cotton and linen clothing will keep her cool – go for items without seams or labels that might irritate her skin.

Dealing with nappy rash

You’ll find that nappy rash will still be popping up from time to time – unfortunately it’s just one of those things that babies often suffer from as their diets are constantly changing.

‘Clean and change your baby’s nappy whenever it has been soiled,’ Sharon advises.

Use nappy cream and keep both yours and your baby’s hands clean so no germs are passed around.

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