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Mother and Baby

10 Genius Ways To Soothe Your Baby’s Teething Pain

There’s nothing cuter than your baby’s first toothy grin. But before you reach that picture perfect moment, you could be faced with a fair amount of drool and discomfort. So, try these ideas to help relieve your tot’s painful gums.

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1. Find his dream teether

If you want to have something to hand that your baby can play with and gnaw on, look for a teething toy. There are lots of different types available – and you may get through a few before you find The One. Take a look at our pick of the top ten here. [Corbis]
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2. Apply pressure

You can try using one of your fingers to press on your baby’s gums to temporarily relieve discomfort. Warning: this may hurt once your tot’s teeth start coming through! [Corbis]
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3. Breastfeed… or not

Research has shown that some babies want to be breastfed more during teething, and it can also help align their teeth. But bear in mind there are some babies who find the sucking action more painful than normal on their gums and refuse milk. If this happens and your baby is older than six months (ready for weaning), you can offer him some puree or give your tot expressed milk in a suitable cup. Most of the time, babies can be encouraged to return to breastfeeding in a couple of days. [Corbis]
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4. Teething biscuits

If your baby isn’t a fan of cold food, then teething biscuits can be an effective alternative. There are plenty of brands available – just read the label to check that they are approved for your baby’s age and don’t leave him unattended. [Corbis]
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5. Soak a dishcloth

A soaked new and clean dishcloth or flannel is good for your baby to chomp on. Soak it in water or chamomile tea for an even more soothing relief method. [Corbis]
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6. Freeze a cucumber

If you've started weaning, freeze strips of cucumber, banana or other foods that your baby loves for him to chew. The combination of the crunchy food and the cold sensation will put a smile on his face in no time. You can buy a baby safe feeder (a mesh bag) to put the food in so there’s no chance of your baby choking. [Corbis]
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7. Rub in peppermint

Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil and one drop of peppermint essential oil in a bowl and apply a tiny dab on your baby’s gums. [Corbis]
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8. Make breastmilk ice cubes

Just like ice is great for sprains and muscle pain, it’s a super soother for inflamed gums. Freeze some of your breastmilk, formula or water into ice cube trays and rub them on your baby’s gums without letting go of the cube at any point. (Never leave it in his mouth to avoid the risk of choking). [Corbis]
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9. Rub in vanilla

Vanilla is a great natural calmer that has been shown to sooth anxiety – and your baby could love the sweet taste. Try rubbing a small amount of diluted pure vanilla extract on to your baby’s gums for relieve pain. [Corbis]
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10. Chill a spoon

A cool metal spoon is a lovely soother for sore gums. Just make sure you only chill it in the fridge rather than freeze it, as it may stick! [Corbis]

Do you have any more teething tips? Let us know in the comments box below.

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