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5 ways to remember those special moments with your child


Every parent will know, those first few weeks and months with your precious new arrival pass in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, they’re taking their first steps and showing you their first toothy smile. But how can you make sure you remember these moments forever, as your little one seems to change before your eyes?

That’s where Lifecake comes in – the innovative app to cherish childhood memories. What’s more, Mother & Baby readers can get 30% off personalised photo gifts with the promotional code motherbaby18 – perfect for Mother’s Day gifts*.

Here’s Lifecake's top tips for remembering those special moments with your baby, and sharing them with the ones you love:

1. Share everyday moments with family and friends 

Of course you’ll document the big moments, but taking silly photos of your baby every day will help you cling on to those little changes you might miss. If you’re worried about the safety of uploading photos online, why not try Lifecake - the private app for families? A photo platform built with parents in mind, Lifecake allows you to share all these little moments with your family and friends, in a place where nobody else can see.


2. Start a box of keepsakes

From the hospital band, to your baby’s first shoes, keep a book or box of special keep sakes to share with your baby one day. Of course, if you’re one for a clutter-free home, take snaps of these special items instead!

3. Document significant milestones 

From your baby’s first smile, to their first bath, document every important moment. Lifecake gives suggestions of the photos to take, and allows your nearest and dearest to comment on each moment. You’ll be able to see how much they’ve grown, how much hair they’ve now got and remember every first step, smile or solid meal!


4. Make gifts using your favourite shots 

Unlike social media platforms, Lifecake not only keeps your photos safe, it lets you print out your favourite photos onto personalised gifts at the click of a button. From adorable phone cases, to mugs, calendars, magnets and tote bags, whatever the occasion, share your baby’s favourite moments with your family. For a limited time, get 30% off Lifecake print store items - simply use the  promotional code motherbaby18 when placing your order* and shop NOW for perfect gift ideas for Mother's Day.

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5. Keep a journal of your baby’s first words

As your little one starts to talk, they’ll quickly pick up phrases and words you didn’t even know you said, leading to some funny sentences you’ll want to remember. Keep a diary of your baby’s first sentences, or write them in the captions of your daily snaps.

Download the Lifecake app from your app store now, or visit to find out more.  

*Terms and conditions apply. Promotional code for 30% off valid until 31/05/2018 and entitles user to one use only.