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7 Surprising Things That Will Make Your Baby Healthier And Happier

OK, so we all know that breastfeeding may make your little one more intelligent and that reading to him helps him relax and learn to talk, but we’re impressed with these genius development boosters

1. Dancing with your baby

Boogying with your baby won’t just make him giggle – it may make him more helpful when he’s older, too. Research has shown that movement is a big part of music that affects your little one’s behavior from a young age. So put on some tunes and bust some moves!

Corbis | Dancing with baby

2. Wearing your baby

Carrying your baby in a baby carrier or sling may help your baby develop faster. Babies that are ‘worn’ spend more time awake – soaking in everything that’s going on around them, according to paediatrician Dr Sears.

3. (Some) Screen time 

Believe it or not, letting your tot play around on your tablet for half an hour, or watching TV, does have it’s benefits. Your little one will absorb lots of information that he may not normally come across and if he’s interacting and engaged, he’s learning something. Just remember to get involved with those games rather than be completely distracted with Facebook on your phone.

Corbis | Baby screen time

4. Doing puzzles

You may be bored stiff of doing your little one’s Peppa Pig puzzle with her, but keep at it – it’s good for her. Experts suggest that puzzles, and play in general, help young children become ‘self-regulated learners’ and help them deal with failure.

5. Tickling your baby

It not only guarantees a giggle from your baby, tickling him could also help him learn to talk. Research has shown that a baby’s sense of touch is closely linked to his language development, so tickling your baby while talking to her may help her pick up words faster.

Corbis | Tickling your baby

6. Going shopping

OK, so brownie points for those Zara heels you just bought, less so for the screaming fit by the Pic-A-Mix. Experts have discovered that taking your little one shopping with you could actually improve his brain function, as children develop skills from ‘active activities’. 

7. Attending nursery

Dropping your baby at nursery may send you on a guilt trip – but it has a huge benefit. It can make him much healthier when he’s older because his body will learn to fight off any bugs he picks up from other children at nursery.

How do you help boost your baby’s development? Let us know in the comments box below.


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