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A Child Swimming Specialist Is On Hand To Answer Your Questions

Want some tips on teaching your little one to swim? Or tips on building his confidence in the water? Get all the advice you need from an infant swimming specialist in this week’s Wednesday Lunch Club

Every week at Mother&Baby we bring you the Wednesday Lunch Club – a chance to get brilliant advice for your pregnancy and parenting questions from a top expert.  

And this Wednesday we’re handing our Facebook page to Irene Joyce.

Irene is the Aquatic Development Officer at STA, the world’s largest swimming and teaching organization, and has more than 40 years swimming teaching experience. She’s trained thousands of swimming teachers all over the world and her specialism is baby swimming and teaching people with disabilities.

Irene Joyce

So, join us on our Facebook page  on Wednesday and post your question on our wall from 1pm to have it answered by Irene.  

Want to be anonymous? Or not free during the lunch club? Just email us at with the subject ‘WLC’ and we’ll ask your question for you!


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