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A Dad Creates Time-Lapse Videos Of His Children Getting Older

Love looking back on photos of your baby to see just how much she’s grown? This dad took it one step further with these amazing time-lapse videos

One doting dad  has documented his children’s development by capturing how much they’ve changed and grown throughout the years on film.

Dutch artist and filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has created a time-lapse video for both of his kids – and they’re amazing to watch. Frans filmed both of his children once a week, every week, and edited the footage together to create two separate four-minute long videos.

The below video shows Frans’ daughter Lotte’s transformation from adorable baby to 14-year-old teenager:

And Frans didn’t forget his son Vince by creating the below film of his youngest child growing from smiling tot to grinning 11 year old.

How do you capture your child’s development? Let us know in the comments box below.


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