Mother and Baby

Alternative Baby Milestones You Won't Forget In A Hurry

There are some precious things you'll never forget, like the first time your baby smiled, or laughed or said "muma", and then there are those things that you will never, EVER be able to get out of your head.

Awful experiences that yes, you can laugh about now, but at the time, it was a different matter entirely. Let us know if these strike a chord with you.

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The time your baby rolled off the mat

You turned your back for ONE SECOND, it was probably less than one second and yet baby took a tumble. Icy fear gripped your heart and guilt, that uncontrollable guilt.
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The first shower of puke

Once upon a time you didn’t really know that if you held your baby up high just after she’d eaten, then she would be sick over your face. You know that now. Oh yes do you know that now.
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The first shower of wee

You take your little boy’s nappy off and before you know what’s happening, he pees straight up into your face. How can his aim be that good, how come there is so much, how come you didn’t know to move out of the way?
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The first blood bath

You decided to cut your baby’s toenails, the tiny little shells on the end of her toes, carefully done with tiny little scissors. And then something happened and you cut her. And there was a river of blood, and tears, and screaming and you felt like the worst mother on the world.
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The first unbelievable nappy

First of all a filled nappy was something wonderful, “my baby actually did that”, then it became humdrum. Until one day you saw something so big, something that smelled so foul that you couldn’t actually believe it came out of something so cute. Your eyes still water at the thought.
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The first time they fell over

Your boisterous toddler is always falling over, grazing her knees, scraping her hands, crying, getting over it and cheerfully doing it all again. But that wasn’t always the case. The first time she fell over and let out that blood-curdling scream, you swore never to let her out of your sight ever again, and to only dress her in padded clothes.
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The first time they swore!

Babies are like sponges, someone told you that once. You didn’t really get what that meant until the first time your little one blurted something rude you had said in the privacy of your own home, one the bus. Loudly. And everyone heard.
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The first temper tantrum

Before you became a mum and you saw a toddler having a screaming tantrum in the middle of supermarket you thought to yourself “that will never happen to me” and it never did, until the first time...

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