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Baby Signing: 10 Simple Words To Learn Right Now

A great way to help your baby communicate with your before she’s able to talk (and a brilliant tool for reducing your tot’s tantrums), baby signing has multiple benefits. So, we’re helping you to get started with some everyday and simple words that your baby can learn in just a few days. Images from BSL sign graphics Cath Smith, the Let's Sign Series.
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1. More

We all like seconds at dinnertime – even your baby.
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2. Milk

This simple action will help your little one let you know when she wants some milk – without all the wailing.
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3. All gone

Use this sign to let your baby know that her food is all gone.
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4. Again

You’re obviously a brilliant storyteller if your baby uses this sign once you’ve finished that favourite fairytale.
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5. Eat/Food

Arguably the most useful sign for weaning babies, this gesture will let your baby explain that she’s hungry.
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6. Drink

This gesture literally mimes the action of drinking. Simple to understand – even for even those who don’t know any sign language.
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7. Mummy

Daddy not good enough? This sign will help you baby communicate that it’s you she wants instead.
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8. Cuddle

Know when your baby is longing for a cuddle with this simple sign.
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9. Daddy

Your baby can use this sign if she wants her daddy.
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10. Change

If your baby’s got a dirty nappy, she can let you know herself with this change sign.

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