Mother and Baby

Baby Taught To Jump By Her Pet Dog (Video)

Having a miserable Monday? This video is bound to cheer you up

We’ve seen a lot of baby/pet videos (and we mean a lot), but this one is quite possibly the best yet. Featuring baby Alexis, who’s happily passing time in her bouncer, and her pet pooch Daykota, it’s some amazing viewing.

As baby Alexis bounces around, Daykota pounces on the shadows the bouncer makes on the floor. And, boy, can Daykota jump! Soon enough Alexis starts jumping around too (while giggling adorably) and it’s basically 56 seconds of oh-so-cute fun.

Don’t believe us? Watch the full video below…

If you’re expecting a baby and aren’t sure how to introduce your dog to your newborn, click the below link to learn everything you need to.


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