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Baby yoga

While your little one explores the world around him, you can rest assured he’s comfortable and dry with Pampers Premium Protection™ Active Fit - find out more about #PampersBabyYoga here.

Active, curious babies love to explore their surroundings, and once your baby’s past the newborn stage, the chances of him lying contentedly are long gone. From around three months, he’ll love stretching his limbs and practising his new-found talent for bending, twisting and turning. That’s why Pampers has put together a baby yoga plan. Because, whether it’s wriggling on his back, crawling on the carpet, or even pulling himself up on the furniture, your little one won’t want to keep still for a second. 

Wriggle room

When your little one is enjoying more movement than ever, the last thing they want are interruptions from a damp and uncomfortable nappy. Only Pampers Premium Protection™ Active Fit, recently voted Product of The Year*, cleverly adapt to your baby’s body as they start to bend, twist and turn. Pampers Active Fit have stretchier sides than ordinary nappies, and a unique extra-absorbent layer, giving your baby complete freedom to move, while staying dry for up to 12 hours! With the Premium Protection™ range also including Pampers New Baby & Easy Up Pants, you can feel reassured that your little one is wearing Pampers’ best protection at every stage of their development.

Get moving

With your baby on the move, what better way to encourage balance and bonding than with baby yoga? Pampers has partnered with baby yoga expert Sam Petter of Tatty Bumpkin, to develop a super-easy routine of baby yoga moves and simple-to-follow online videos, so you can practise them at home. Download the videos and instructions via Pampers’ Facebook page ( Below is a sneak peek at some of the moves designed for Pampers. But before you start, remember these top tips… 

● Maintain eye contact

● Never force your baby’s movements

● Smile to reassure him

● Don’t try baby yoga when he’s tired or hungry

Baby yoga moves

1 Warm Up 
Gently stroke your baby’s body and limbs. Massage his feet in a clockwise direction with your thumbs.

2 Rabbit 
Place the palms of your hands on your baby’s soles, and allow him to push against you.

3 Star 
Either lying or sitting, encourage your baby to hold your fingers, then guide his arms out to the side. Gently bring his legs out to each side too, then stretch and relax, like a big star. Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to develop bonding and attachment.

4 Cycling 
Hold on to your baby’s lower legs and gently ‘cycle’ them into the abdomen. Start with the right leg. Go as fast as your baby is comfortable with.

5 & 6 Cat & Dog
Lay your baby over your legs. He may not enjoy tummy time at first, place a favourite toy on the floor as a distraction. Gently raise your thigh close to your baby’s head off the floor and lower it again. This is Cat. Raise the other thigh off the mat so your baby is in a downward position for Dog.

7 Fish 
Roll your baby gently down your legs. For more confidence first roll your baby towards you maintaining eye contact before rolling away down to your feet

8 Mouse 
Kneel over your baby, gently holding his arms and legs with gentle pressure. This is very calming and good for bonding.

9 Rainbow 
Firstly, mimic light raindrops falling on your baby with your finger tips. After the rain a rainbow appears, so use your fingers to gently open your baby's arms out to his sides. 

10 Bee 
Babies are very sensitive to touch and vibration. Try humming on your baby's tummy and forehead, this will be very relaxing, and can act as a good distraction when he is unhappy. 

11 Relax 
At last! time to relax together. This is a VERY important part of your baby yoga adventure. Make sure you take time to lie down together with no distractions. Try to extend this stage over time.

Visit to view the Pampers Natural Baby Yoga Plan and watch video instructions, or follow Pampers on and Twitter @Pampers_UK and search #PampersBabyYoga to find out more. 



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