Mother and Baby

CUTE VIDEO ALERT! Pet Dog Tries To Teach Baby How To Crawl

One enthusiastic little Jack Russell terrier seems to be showing a little baby how to crawl

They say babies learn through imitation and this could certainly be the case for a baby girl and the family dog, who have become a bit of a YouTube sensation.

The baby, who’s nicknamed Bear Bear is lying on her tummy and flapping her arms around as if she’s trying to work out how to crawl.

The family dog, a Jack Russell terrier called Buddy, is so excited he starts showing her how to do it, pulling himself along on the floor with his front legs while letting his back legs drag behind him.

And of course the look on the baby’s face is totally priceless as she intently watches the dog, almost like she’s taking mental notes.

We think it could quite be the cutest thing we’ve seen all week…

Does your pet interact with your baby or toddler? Let us know below.

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