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Dad Photographs Daughter Every Day Of Her Life For 18 Years

All proud parents like to document important milestones in their child’s life, but Munish Bansal, 41, from Gillingham, Kent, has taken it one step further – by taking a photo of his daughter Suma every day since she was born, until her 18th birthday.

Totting up to a whopping 6,575 photos, Munish presented his pride and joy with a special portrait the day she turned 18, pieced together with every picture of a smiling Suma taken throughout the years.
Munish began his project with a an ultrasound photo when his wife Rita was pregnant, and then captured his growing girl every day since her birth on May 16th 1996, from her toddler years and her first day at primary school to the day she passed her A Levels.

Suman Bansal (Munish Bansal/Rex Features)

'I decided to do this when Rita was pregnant,' says Munish.

'I just wanted to make a memory to see how they changed day to day, because if you see a child on a month to month basis you can see a big change and I wanted to see that change.’

Makes your Instagram account seem sparse in comparison, right?

How are you keeping a record of your little one growing up? Comment below!


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